Avoid Back Pain While in the Office, Follow These 8 Tips for Choosing an Office Chair

posted on April 15, 2021

Avoid Back Pain While in the Office, Follow These 8 Tips for Choosing an Office Chair



Do you often feel pain in your back when you work? If so, try checking your work chair, is the shape suitable for your back posture, or is it soft enough or not? The right office chair can provide a comfortable position when you are doing work and increase your focus.

Whether working remotely or in the office, the use of an office chair should support you to be more enthusiastic about working. The office chair is one of the supporting pieces of furniture for your office interior design that makes it look more harmonious. After all, choose an office chair that fits your needs so that your experience of working in the office remains enjoyable.

Choosing the right office chair requires a variety of considerations, try to follow these tips so that you don't make a mistake in buying an office chair that has the potential to make your back hurt even more.


1. Choose an Office Chair with Back Support

Choosing an office chair with back support is the right choice you should make. If you experience excessive back pain while working in an office, choosing a chair with back support will allow you to lean back a little once you are tired enough. Many office work chairs offer back support for more comfortable seating.

A chair with this kind of feature is needed, especially for those of you who daily work in an office and sit for hours staring at the computer screen. In addition to providing comfort, sitting in the best chair will help increase work productivity.

From a health perspective, a full-back office work chair will ensure proper posture and reduce pain due to diseases or conditions affecting the back.


2. Choose an Office Chair with a Mesh Lining

Office chairs with a hollow layer certainly feel more flexible and less stiff. So that your back does not experience muscle tension and your spine can relax more while working. Materials are the top priority that you should consider when buying an office chair.

Because office chairs will be occupied for hours, a chair that is hollow and covered with a net is needed. The main function of this kind of material is to increase the airflow inside the seat and thus prevent it from getting uncomfortably warm.

The mesh liners are also usually smoother, softer, and less itchy than the other material options. That way, a chair with a layer of netting is the best choice for an office chair.


3. Choose an Adjustable Office Chair

You would think that your office chair should be adjustable. The more adjustment points, the easier it will be for you. Of course, you will need a chair that is complete in terms of features, such as having a backrest, seat seats, and adjustable armrests.

Starting with the backrest, it should be able to tilt back and forth as much as possible and have the option to lean back or move closer to your work table. For the seat of the chair, it must also be height-adjustable, so that you can move it to a height according to the height of your table. Lastly, you should be able to adjust the armrests in multiple directions, with options to move them up and down as well as back and forth.

Don't forget that the position of the shoulders and arms in an office chair determines whether a chair is comfortable or not. A chair that forces you to shrug your shoulders just to rest your elbows on the armrests will cause discomfort fairly quickly. A fully-featured office chair can be an option for furniture in your office interior design.


4. Choose an Office Chair with Sufficient Width

The most visible disturbance when working in an office is the use of an office chair that is not the right size. Chair size, both height and seat width certainly affect work productivity. Getting a chair with a narrow seat will make you feel uncomfortable and hinder your daily work. As it should be, choose an office chair with a width that fits your body.


5. Choose an Office Chair with Armrests

The armrests on the office chair are useful for relieving tension in your neck and shoulders. The armrests should also be adjustable so that you can position them as needed so that your arms can rest comfortably while reducing your chances of bending over.


6. Choose an Office Chair that is Easy to Operate

Make sure all of the adjustment control in your office chair can be reached from a seated position, and that you don't have to put much effort into changing it. You must be able to tilt, rise higher or lower, or rotate from a sitting position. It's easier to get the right height and incline if you're already seated. You will become accustomed to adjusting your chair so you don't have to try too hard to do it.


7. Choose an Office Chair that Can Rotate

A chair that can be moved flexibly will add function and usefulness. While you can easily rotate your chair, you can instantly reach various places in your work area for maximum efficiency. The caster wheels on a good office chair should be able to provide you with easy mobility, but be sure to install the right casters for your floors. Choose a chair with casters designed for your floor, whether it's a carpet, hard surface, or a combination. If you have a chair pad that is not designed for your floor, it might be a good idea to buy a chair pad to make it easier for your chair to move.


8. Choose an Office Chair Following the Office Interior Design Style

Now that you have considered all the functional features your office chair will need, it is also necessary to think about a style that fits your office interior design concept. Because this suitability will provide a harmonious appearance. You can find chairs that suit your needs but have a different style with your interior design concept. sometimes style has a compromise with support, but you can still find a stylish chair that doesn't completely compromise support.


Regardless of where you use it, be it at work or home, you need something that will provide you with comfort and promote proper posture. Choosing the best office chair for your office is a process that requires a little research and if you follow the tips and advice provided in this article, you will be able to find the office chair that is most suitable for you.

Take care of your health by buying the right chair to avoid severe back pain. 

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