Enjoy Japanese Culinary with the Atmosphere of Okinawa in En Dining

posted on January 24, 2019

Enjoy Japanese Culinary with the Atmosphere of Okinawa in En Dining

For every businessman in a culinary field, restaurant’s interior design has to be noted. Nowadays, a restaurant is not only required to pay attention to its various offered menus but also required to create a beautiful and comfortable restaurant interior design. A comfortable atmosphere created by the restaurant's interior design can make the dining experience even more memorable. Such a pleasant dining experience will certainly satisfy every customer.

The importance of restaurant interior design towards customer’s satisfaction is quite big. It is also one of the reasons for En Dining to assign High Street Studio in creating the best interior design for the restaurant. En Dining, which is part of PT Putragaya Wahana and was built on an area of 375 square meters in Senayan City-Crystal Lagoon, Jakarta, Indonesia, in this case is expanding its restaurant area in order to increase customer comfort and satisfaction.

This restaurant interior design with Okinawa, Japan nuances project was successfully completed by High Street Studio in 2018. High Street Studio’s success in creating En Dining’s interior design and area expansion is also part of its commitment. As a professional interior and architectural consultant in Indonesia who managed to get a Merit Award from BCI Asia Awards in the residential category, High Street Studio has always been consistently trying to provide the best result for every customer who uses its services.

En Dining is a restaurant that promotes Okinawa Cuisine as the overall concept of the meal. This restaurant, which means "circle” in Indonesian, has a very comfortable and elegant restaurant interior design. In this calm restaurant, customers can also enjoy Okinawan style Japanese food menus with Bara Chirashi as its main and favorite dish.

To make En Dining's dining experience even more enjoyable, High Street Studio carries the main design concept of "the shore of Okinawa". In creating the restaurant's interior design, High Street Studio considered some interesting facts of Okinawa, starting from Okinawa as a US-influenced island to its populations that is some of the longest living people in the world. Therefore, High Street Studio made some adjustments to create an interior design that really fits En Dining’s characteristics.

In order to create an atmosphere of typical Okinawan buildings, En Dining uses wood palette colors to dominate the interior design, which gives a cozy and warm nuance. Not to mention the blue-colored chairs to balance the aesthetic of En Dining’s interior design. The blue color is chosen to illustrate the magnitude of the western influence on Okinawa, the beauty of the sea, and the healthy lifestyle of the island. The beauty of Okinawa beach is also presented through an accent to create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Creating En Dining’s interior design is not an easy task. In the process, High Street Studio designer team faced a number of challenges that must be solved. It ranges from different leveling of the main access, the kitchen, the toilet, the existing, and the new dining area which are a bit tricky from both operational and customer’s accessibility perspective, to the noise of the hustle and sound of music from venue below which collide with a quieter En Dining atmosphere.

To maintain En Dining's excellence in terms of tranquility, High Street Studio makes some closure to all the openings that are connected to the venue below at the end. En Dining Lighting is also one of the parts that are considered. Since En Dining is located in a basement area that does not have natural sunlight, High Street Studio takes the interior lighting as one of the most important things in the area's expansion and interior design this time.

In supporting customer convenience, High Street Studio also isolates the main hallway of the restaurant which is located next to Brewerkz. Some main material such as woods, laminated wood, texture paint, glass, CNC cutting MDF, granite and marble stone, and printed fabric are also used to create the best restaurant interior design for En Dining.

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