Have Limited Space? Apply 4 Semi-open Plan Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

posted on October 30, 2020

Have Limited Space? Apply 4 Semi-open Plan Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

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Some prefer to hide what's in the kitchen, but some want an open kitchen design to entertain guests and make the space more spacious. Unfortunately, there are certain annoyances to one of the kitchen designs you choose. A tightly closed kitchen design can block light and ventilation, and on the other hand, smoke and oil will spread to your space, furniture and clothes more quickly in the open.

Unlike the hidden space that you place at one end of the house, an open kitchen can be combined with the interior design of the living room, usually the living room or dining room. These designs are meant to feature the same elements of style and design. Sometimes open kitchens can even be designed in harmony with the outdoor area to allow for entertaining dining.

Overall, the idea behind an open kitchen design is to invite openness to space. You will want to showcase your modern kitchen designs or techniques in food preparation. Also, the open kitchen design serves to create more space by removing as many structural bulkheads as possible. Well, if you can't choose between one design concept or another, why don't you combine the two kitchen design styles?

How to Design a Semi-open Concept When Renovating

While the open design has become a very popular choice for many homeowners, some homes do not readily adapt to an open concept floor plan. For these home designs, opening part of the room or creating a semi-open plan concept can increase the airflow in your home.

The open concept does come with several challenges for homeowners. One of the problems with a fully open concept is that it can sometimes be difficult to hide things like a messy kitchen. For example, suppose you are cooking for dinner and the food is ready to be served, then you are ready to sit down at the table. The view of messy kitchen utensils in an open space can reduce the serenity of your dinner, especially when you have guests.

So what's the solution? The semi-open kitchen design concept can be your choice. Now, if you can't choose between one or another design concept, why don't you combine the two kitchen design styles?

The semi-open design concept offers the best of both designs, openness without all the clutter, noise, or the influence of oil and odours. Here are some ways to create interactive and functional semi-open kitchen designs.

Benefits of Semi-open Kitchen Design

The open floor design offers many benefits to you as a homeowner such as creating a more open flow to the entire space which makes for a livelier atmosphere, excellent line of sight and gives your home lots of natural light. For example, instead of opening up the dining area to the kitchen, you could design a semi-open dining area by opening the walls and installing double sliding-style doors. This means you can open the door while preparing a meal to interact with guests, then cover it up to hide dirty kitchen utensils while the food is being served.

The semi-open kitchen concept design allows you to take advantage of the natural light by opening up your living room. Also, having a semi-open interior design can still create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by hiding your living room area, without separating you from family or guests.

semi open kitchen design

Semi-open Kitchen Design Frameless Glass Partitions 

A kitchen interior equipped with frameless glass walls is perhaps the most minimalist way to make a kitchen divider from the rest of the house. These glass partitions allow maximum visibility, and also block smoke or cooking smells from entering other areas of your home.

Use Glass Panels in a Semi-open Kitchen Interior Design

Black framed glass walls make for a touch of trend and character on frameless glass partitions. Usually, kitchen designs that use larger panels and thinner frames will work well. This concept suits those of you who want a more minimalist, contemporary style aesthetic, while a kitchen design that uses a thicker framework better for homes with industrial interior themes.

Semi-open Kitchen Interior Design with Bi-folding

Folding dividers with a bi-folding design, framed or frameless will give your kitchen interior a convertible. You can easily close the kitchen window during meal preparation or when the air conditioner is turned on, and open it when the kitchen is clean. A design that keeps your kitchen hidden if it's messy, without feeling like a closed room.

Partial Pass-through Window Concept in Semi-open Kitchen Design

The next way to adjust the fold constraint on a smaller scale is by turning it into a window. The folding window that is designed above the table makes the kitchen aisle which is the place of serving food easier and more enjoyable. You can also mount the pieces on the kitchen wall or hang the cabinets to form a window instead, much like a drive-through or pop-up cafe concept.

Use Cabinets Creatively in Semi-open Kitchen Interior Design

If you need a lot of cabinets to meet your storage needs in the kitchen or if you are looking for creative ways to incorporate a little separation between your kitchen and your living room, consider glass doors. Double-sided glass door wardrobe can offer the best in your room.

Hanging cabinets with double-sided glass doors can give your kitchen a natural light and feel open while giving you the privacy, and storage space you need. Having a creative wardrobe is also an excellent solution for smaller kitchens. Double glazed doors can help keep the area open and spacious without not designing storage space.

If you are concerned about what your wardrobe is on display, you can achieve the same open effect by using frosted glass to expand the look. You will still enjoy the benefits of diffused natural light while hiding glassware from view. Glass framed cabinets are the perfect choice to balance your kitchen storage needs.

Those are some things you need to know about the semi-open kitchen interior design. You can discuss the options that will help you create the perfect kitchen space. Creatively using doors, adding glass-framed cabinets, and implementing interior design concepts can allow you to have the openness you want with the privacy you need. You can contact us via customer service on this website page and we will provide you with the semi-open kitchen design you need.

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Interior Designer: Contact us via Highstreet to make your dream building come true and join Highstreet to become our interior design partner.

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