Home Interior Design That Will Shape the Next Decade

posted on August 19, 2020

Home Interior Design That Will Shape the Next Decade

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Interiors are in the centre of attention in 2020, as more people spend time indoors, Architects and interior designers are increasingly aware of their responsibility in improving people's welfare through the home or in other buildings and even helping people with disease prevention. , as well as the spread of viruses as they search for the best design solutions for their interior design projects. Several design solutions generate trends in interior design and make predictions about how interiors will be developed in the coming decades.

Biophilic Design

Indoor plants, be it in the design of a home, office, restaurant, or any other place become a whole new layer in an interior design project. Plants that have large sizes are becoming a trend in interior design. In the past year, a new design concept has entered the main discussion, namely biophilic design. To maintain a certain level of connection with natural nuances, the biophilic design aims to integrate nature into the architecture of the building as a way to improve the overall health, life, and environmental ecosystems. The use of reclaimed wood, hanging plants, green walls, and green installations are some of the main trends that will shape interior design in the next decade. Do you like interior with biophilic design?

Use of Natural Furniture

The use of natural fibres such as rattan and wicker in furniture is becoming very popular in interior design. This traditional material can be used in chairs, carpets, and lighting. Furniture made from natural materials can still be combined with a more modern design.

Chubby design

Furniture such as chairs, tables, sofas and even lamps shows the best curves of design that will bring you back to childhood by giving your room a youthful, fun and modern look. This new trend in chubby design begins with the application of furniture that is designed with rounded edges and that has a tubular shape. This combination of designs is also known as neotenic designs. The term neotenic design comes from the concept of neoteny which has children's features. This design concept is perfect for describing the cheerful atmosphere of these works to any space.

Use of Arch

Arches are a hallmark of traditional design and architecture, now they are experiencing a development in their use as architects and designers often add curved door designs, round windows, and curved mirror shapes to their interior design projects. In line with the trend of chubby design and biophilic design, arches are also evolving as a new way to add curves and more organic design shapes to your home. Not only through the actual arch, but also through the decorative patterns painted on the walls.

Design on Mini Corners

Flexibility within the home has become more important than ever before when the pandemic was not yet widespread. Because the house is a place where all people's activities at this time, such as working, watching movies, eating, and school. In this context, the workspace becomes a semi-formal area and can be designed alongside other spaces in your home. This has led to the emergence of a mini office or study room corner that is integrated into larger furniture, such as a hidden corner in a cupboard or added to a bookshelf.

Invisible Handle Area for Kitchen Room

Now, kitchen design has replaced the handle and makes you when pulling drawers and cabinets, especially those with large sizes, will use more invisible hardware. These range from the type of mechanical or magnetic device that fits inside your kitchen cabinet by pushing the door, to the handle where you can pull the drawer because the edges are angled inward, and to simpler solutions like attaching it to the top edge of each door, so it's only a piece. only the part that sticks out. The goal is to have a minimal sized space that is sleek and easy to use.

Staircase Design Integrated with Furniture

Another creative interior design method that will emerge a lot is to take advantage of the remaining space under the stairs. Some interior designs have added storage space or even integration of stairs into larger furniture designs, such as workspaces or shelves. Are you making good use of the free space under your stairs?

Colourful Bathroom Design

In line with the increasingly frequent use of bright and bold colours on walls and furniture, bathrooms are also starting to apply colour choices in a bolder yet elegant way. So you don't have to worry about choosing bold colours. Bathroom design no longer needs to be combined with bright white. Architects and designers will increase the energy in the spaces in your home through the use of bold colours such as pink, golden yellow, dark blue, or olive green. What about the use of colour in your bathroom interior design? Are you interested in changing your bathroom colour? Try to change it with bold colours, but still need to be painted appropriately.

The Development of Open Space Design

Who doesn't want the space in his house to be more open and comfortable? Now, the separation of formal spaces is less frequently used in home interior design. Interior design ideas such as combining curtains and panels into open spaces are very popular designs as a solution to hide certain areas according to the way you use your space in the house.

Terrazzo Floor Designs

The distinctive marble floors were used in the designs of Venetian houses over 500 years ago and first appeared back in the 1970s. Meanwhile, in 2019, the material returned and became popular among designers. The terrazzo you see today is a mixture of marble, quartz, granite, and glass flakes that appear larger, with less density and a more striking graphic appearance.


You will probably continue to find this design concept used over the next decade, but it is not only used for floors, but you can also apply this concept to kitchens and living room furniture. This graphic pattern will appear if it is printed on wallpaper, fabric, even woven into a carpet.

How about your current home design? With the changing way of life of people, of course, the house has become a major concern in carrying out their daily activities. If you want to renovate your house, you can contact our team on the pages of this website. It's time for your home design to be able to complete your needs.

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Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to make your dream building come true and follow our blog for updates on building design inspiration.

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