Innovative Office Interior Design for the Future

posted on October 1, 2020

Innovative Office Interior Design for the Future

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If there is something you can all agree on, COVID-19 changes not only how you eat, breathe and sleep, but also how you work. Social distancing has created barriers like none of us before and has affected your daily life in many unprecedented ways.

While some have returned to the office, many have been forced to turn your personal space into an emergency room or what you usually know as a workspace at home. But it's only a matter of time before you abandon the casual comforts of a shirt to wear another coat. Once you start returning to your workplace, the design layout and interior design of spaces need to accommodate this new way of living. But what needs to be changed in office interior design? And will this be a temporary mindset or a permanent part of your life?

Interior designers already have a few tricks to tackle this new era of office design during this pandemic. Even though the majority of people work from home, interior designers believe that the role of the office is still important, and that includes co-working spaces. Any rapid job reduction globally could lead to an increase in entrepreneurship and even more start-ups. The need for office space designs will increase as living restrictions become easier. The interior design of this co-working space might even exceed the previous office design.

"So the question arises: What is it like to work in a post-pandemic office?"

One of the things you may notice is that in professional situations, people can maintain social distance from strangers or people you have never met before, but it will not be difficult to keep their distance from close colleagues in your office. This is due to the familiarity between you and your co-workers. The interior design industry will have to adapt quickly to meet the new frontiers of office work, but you must remain optimistic.

It is too early to know which changes are temporary and which will have a lasting impact. Given the potential for transformative change impacting your industry, now is the time to think differently, and consider a future that could be meaningfully different. Below, you will find out what the future of office interior design will look like.

Interior Design is Designed Without a Touch

If you are one of those who feel the need to compulsively clean your hands after touching a communal button, designs have taken advantage of technology to reduce the need for contact in the area. This touchless technology allows you to design from building and workplace entries, access to lockers, and even operate coffee machines and printers through the app if the design allows. You can also combine the fingerprint system in your office interior design by replacing more appropriate alternatives such as facial recognition or QR codes as well.

Interior Design Focus on Material Use

If anything, the pandemic has raised your awareness about using anti-microbial materials for interior design. These materials have been used extensively whenever appropriate. Greater demand for fabrics and surfaces that can be cleaned, maintained easily and most importantly can grasp heavy products in office interior design.

The choice of such fabrics means that porous materials such as natural oil wood may be phased out in interior design with less sensitive options such as stone or laminate, especially for designs in offices that have many interactions such as kitchen interiors and bathroom designs.

Interestingly, new materials such as those that mimic shark skin are gaining popularity in interior design for their ability to prevent microscopic organisms from sticking together. Even older metals such as copper, brass and bronze, which can clean themselves, may be increasingly used in interior design.

Pay Attention to Health Through Interior Design

Instead of designing your office space in the pale white colour often associated with clean spaces, office interior design will begin to adopt a warmer and more inviting tone. After all, your employees will only feel comfortable again if not only will they feel comfortable again if they not only give a sense of comfort. In addition to applying natural elements in interior design such as plants and green walls, interior design colour palettes are specially chosen to enhance mood or relaxed quality, will also make the interior design of the room feel comfortable and soothing and create an oasis for your employees.

Apply Distance in Interior Design

Flexibility will be the new buzzword once people start to rethink their office space. You can focus on providing flexible discussion and collaboration areas for office interior design that your employees can quickly and easily configure and adapt to their needs, be it a short chat or a full team meeting.

The combination of partitions in the invisible office interior design will also be strategically placed to prevent your employees' anxiety. A holistic approach is needed in interior design to create a balance of spaces to support the arrival, meeting, collaboration, and social process associated with your visitors and employees.

These are all implemented in office interior design while allowing sufficient flexibility for the exchange and mixing of spaces that support different team workflows. With the social distancing restrictions that you apply through interior design. Intuitive designs and effective communication such as signs showing direct routes will be key to designing circulation in the office.

You must already know that this pandemic office interior design will include natural elements. That is why you can add pieces of wood to your interior design elements, especially if you want to keep your modern office interior design. You can also add natural parts to greenery, from fresh flowers to air-purifying plants. Tub You are making a small indoor garden or ornamental plant, little green plants can keep your office interior design healthy.

We as an office interior design service can help you in realizing a healthy office interior design during a pandemic. You can contact our customer service on this website page.

This article is adapted from What Will Office Spaces in a Post-pandemic Future Look Like?

Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to make your dream building come true and follow our blog for updates on building design inspiration.

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