Interior Consultant: How to Design A Cool Start-Up Office Interior Like Korean Drama "Start-Up"

posted on December 11, 2020

Interior Consultant: How to Design A Cool Start-Up Office Interior Like Korean Drama "Start-Up"

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Who finished watching one of the popular Korean drama Start-Up?

Even though it is over, this Korean drama starring Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Kim Seon Ho is still a public concern, not only globally, Indonesian netizens are busy talking about it. Korean dramas that have storylines about young people who are chasing their dreams by building a Start-Up company often feature inspiring office interior designs. Not only, but there are also various Start-Up office interior design concepts that you can make inspiration for your office and of course as cool as the office interior design in the Korean drama Start-Up. What will it be like and how do you design a Start-Up office interior?

While the amenities - free snacks, naps, dry-cleaning - at startups are legendary, often office interior design is just as impressive. When companies break through the traditional way of doing business, they choose spaces with the same free-thinking attitude. So while you focus on how to make your business successful, don't forget the importance of office design.

Office Interior Design Startup

Flexible Startup Office Space: The startup workspace requirements can change drastically in a short period. Fast-growing companies need flexible offices with room to grow. Planning an office interior design that can grow with your company from scratch is a much easier option than moving the entire operation to a larger space every time there is a new round of recruiting.

If you are in a temporary room or small office while you are preparing for a new corporate office design, observe how your employees work and how different areas of the office are used. Are people hanging out on the couch or some working in the coffee shop downstairs or at home? Pay attention to how people work or want to work. You may be able to provide less space for tables and more for collaborative areas or facilities such as a cafe or game room.

Common Spaces: Common spaces are the heart of the startup office design. Having several large, quantifiable areas encourages collaboration. Design of office cubicles and offices has ended, a great modern office design should create a collaborative work environment with a feeling of transparency and inclusion. Even a small office design should include an area where people can work together or get together for an all-employee meeting.

In addition to common spaces, you should include a distraction-free zone in your initial office space, such as a small room for solo work or small groups. You and your employees will spend a lot of time in your office during the important early stages of your business, so office interior design should foster creativity and make it feel good.

Cool Office Interior Design: Your office interior design should be a reflection of your company and help foster your culture and identity. Mark your office with your logo and choose a colour that complements your company's visual entity

If you're looking for office design ideas, take a look at your employees. Let your team help adapt the space to their art and objects, building morality and community in the process. Other office decor ideas include bright colours to encourage creativity, gardens and plants to bring out nature and lots of natural light to keep employees excited.

Your headquarters should also be a professional space to impress investors and clients. The reception area should make a good first impression and speak in the style of your brand. You may also need to plan a room for an event or conference.

Office Interior Design with Highstreet

Interior designers are not just for restaurant projects. The Highstreet team is highly experienced in commercial design and experienced in office layout design and office design trends.

startup office interior design

Highstreet understands your needs and priorities. Whether your business has been around for years or you're just starting and need small office design ideas, companies can help with planning, shopping, and finding the right contractors, contractors, and other professionals to get the job done. You focus on growing your business and Highstreet will do the rest.

Startup Office Interior Design

Rows of desks provide an open, flexible workstation design for easy communication and eliminate the need for a set table. Plus, the clean symmetry of the placement of these tables makes this already stately room feel sophisticated

Modern Meeting Room Interior Design at Startup Office

The application of yellow energizes this conference room in the startup office. You will love the fact that half the table is designed in contrasting colours for a striking visual effect without disturbing the meeting activities in the room.

Midcentury Style Startup Office Interior Design

Mid-century modern furniture adorns a common space in this stylish startup office. And when it comes to decorating an office space, go for durable furniture that is tried and truly timeless to get the most out of it in the long run because choosing trendy furniture will ensure that everything will sooner or later feel out of date, and require an expensive update.

Elegant Receptionist Area Design in Startup Office Interior

This reception area gives a polished first impression with a soothing yet bold accent wall, symmetrical gallery walls, and luxurious seating. Follow the settings and select the accent wall featuring a hue of colours unpredictable, and furnishings are often reserved for areas which more formal.

Contemporary Meeting Room Interior Design at Startup Office

The cafeteria space doubles as a meeting place or company event. You can apply a graphic design that is designed back and forth that will introduce a sense of play and unexpected colour, while the application of unfinished wood elements to the interior design of a startup office brings an organic and natural touch when paired with a slightly moody concrete column.

Industrial Style Startup Office Interior Design

The industrial style office space interior design will suit the building architecture. And while it has a masculine spirit to the elements, you can add a large, round chandelier to bring in for a touch of glamour that's satisfying and comfortable on the eyes. The same applies to concrete floors which are polished with a smooth sheen. And as you will see, finding the right balance of symmetry is essential to creating a well-coordinated office space of any shape, and size.

Interior Designer: Contact us via Highstreet to make your dream building come true and join Highstreet to become our interior design partner.

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