Let's Try! Stress-Free Working With Modern Natural Concept For Your Office

posted on April 2, 2021

Let's Try! Stress-Free Working With Modern Natural Concept For Your Office

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Has your office applied a natural concept? Have you put some plants or natural elements in the office?

Working every day certainly requires maximum brain performance. Fresh ideas that arise for the sustainability of the company are born from a clear and calm mind. Making a decision also requires a comfortable atmosphere, not with a riot in your head. These things can be determined from a comfortable workspace as well as natural elements which are believed to calm the mind.

Have you ever heard of someone who chooses to take a walk, enjoy the air and see something "green" as a release from stress? Research shows that looking at something green like a view of trees and nature can restore tense muscles and is also good for the eyes.

The existence of natural elements in the office space will certainly help employees to reduce the sense of stress that occurs due to workloads. This time we will discuss the concept of office interior design by adding green space in it.



In general, the concept of natural modern office interior design is to combine modern concepts with a touch of green space in an office interior. Judging from its benefits that can increase productivity and reduce stress, this concept then becomes a concept that can be an option for office owners to change the interior design of your office.


Office Interior Design with Fresh Green Decor

The green decoration trend in office interior design is indeed the main point of this concept. You can add a little green space to the area behind the reception desk. It's the perfect setting for a green wall made of moss or live plants, where an additional look with the company name and logo can be combined.

If you don't want to use live plants, you can outsmart by trying biophilia designs in your office interior design. Biophilia is a term used to describe human attachment to nature. Biophilia designs bring nature-inspired elements into the room through furniture, fabrics, colors, plants and natural light. One way to freshen up your office interior is to combine fabrics that mimic nature.


Relaxation Zone For The Rest

The presence of plants is very important for the relaxation and concentration of the mind, as well as the restoration of the senses, which is why plants are most often used in the interior design of rest zones, where there should be as much green as possible. An eco-friendly office provides its employees with a place where they can soothe stress, and enjoy their hours of rest to the fullest. This is an effective substitute method without having to go to the trouble of going to just to calm the mind. A green wall installation that combines various types of plants will be very suitable for a relaxation zone.

Research from Human Spaces proves that plants in an office interior design can improve daily work comfort, reduce stress, relieve fatigue and improve the quality of work in the long run. Humans naturally seek contact with nature which directly influences the sense of happiness, which is why biophilic designs define future trends in office interior design.


Use a Neutral Color Palette For Office Interior

For office interior design that inserts green space in it, you can use an organic color palette to bring nature into your workspace. Colors like green and brown represent the colors of trees and plants, blue and white can represent water and sky. These colors can work well into furniture, wall colors, and even floors.

You must understand that we are always in the office during working hours, which is why we have to create workspaces that allow us to get the elements of nature in simple ways. Incorporating some of these nature-inspired ideas into your office interior will not only increase productivity, but will also help your employees feel more creative and engaged at work.


Adding with Live Plants or Artificial Flowers

Nowadays nature is finding more and more interiors in a real and natural state because of the flowers, potted plants like succulents have created an easy way to bring natural appeal to your workbench. Nurturing low-maintenance plants like succulents, cacti, or simply decorating your office table with a fresh bouquet can instantly have a pleasing effect on your mind.


Natural Lighting Is Key

One of nature's easiest, cheapest and most overlooked elements of nature is sunlight. Natural lighting can make a room come alive. Try to have one window that can make it easier for you to get natural sunlight in your office. Because, being in a closed room is constantly not good for your health.

This is why the foremost and most direct biophilic concept in office interior design is the use of large portal windows that allow lots of sunlight to enter. Natural light that filters inside can do wonders to naturally increase the productivity of your employees.



The closed interior design of the office makes the room feel stuffy and oppressive. For that air circulation in the room, of course, must be considered carefully. Having large windows or again living plants can improve the air that is in them.



From some of the things stated above, of course the modern natural concept in this office interior can be applied depending on the location of the office area. However, an office interior design that provides a touch of nature in it will be very effective in reducing stress levels for employees who work every day in the office.

This concept in the end can build comfort for employees to keep generating ideas in their work.


Office interior design inspiration with a modern natural concept is actually very suitable for millennials who like comfort and an informal impression at work but can still think creatively without being restricted. The reference biophilic design strategy aims to increase access to natural light, views to nature, and fresh clean air, all of which help avoid the 'Sick Building Syndrome'.

Direct sensory contact with nature in a space doesn't just mean being close to a potted plant or two. Interaction with nature can be seen from the presence of stimulating natural scenery; or by using plants, water features, natural air currents or breezes, sounds and aromas. An office interior design that uses this group of patterns creates a direct, meaningful connection with natural elements through diversity, movement, and multisensory interactions.

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