Make Your Small Apartment Comfortable, Follow These 10 Interior Design Ideas

posted on December 29, 2020

Make Your Small Apartment Comfortable, Follow These 10 Interior Design Ideas

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It doesn't matter if your home design is small. Decorating for the holidays is a fun family tradition that often marks the beginning of the year. While some of us love the familiarity of using the same decor from year to year, others like to mix it up a bit and decorate it with a new palette every season. For those of you in the latter group, we have shared below some great festive holiday decorating ideas for the interior of your home.

Try out this variety of simple holiday decor ideas to brighten up your little space this season, holiday decorating ideas for tiny home interior designs.

Decorating your home for the holidays is an exciting time of year. Holiday decorations are not only the perfect way to spread holiday cheer in your home but also a great opportunity to change the interior design of your home. There are many different approaches and styles when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, but you have to consider which one fits best with the existing decor and interior design of your home.

The first step to consider when purchasing holiday decorations is to choose a holiday colour palette or pattern. For example, your colour palette could be gold and red, and a suitable pattern could be buffalo plaid. Alternatively, your colour palette could be blue and silver with a winter-themed pattern. Make sure to choose colours and patterns that match and complement each other.

An easy way to determine the right colour theme for your holiday decor is to gather inspiration from your current home interior design. If you already have decorations or accents in a certain colour, then combine the best visually. For example, if you have silver decorations and items in your home, consider silver ornaments and other complementary colours.

Home Interior Design Welcoming Early Years

Sprigs of pine make a great holiday decor item in any space outside of your home. They can dress up a small area in your home and can be used in combination with other decorations. Apart from that, the stalk can be a great addition to your flower arrangement.

Home Interior Design Add Ornaments

Ornaments are stapled holiday decor items. While they're usually included in Christmas Trees and wreaths, these little balls of holiday joy can be used for so much more. Tall glass vases filled with ornaments can create a stunning centrepiece, and reflect your Christmas Tree colour palette to other areas of your home. Easily personalized, this centrepiece can include other items you like and assembles easily and quickly.


Poinsettias to Complement Your Home Interior Design

This simple yet stunning plant is a staple Christmas decoration that can dress your home and add a splash of colour with minimal effort. Available in a variety of colours, some of these cheerful plants even come with an exaggerated burst of sparkles during the holidays and make the perfect statement inside or outside your home.


Pinecones for Home Interior Decorations

Inserting a pinecone between your decorations here and there takes a little effort but can enhance your holiday decor. Especially in warmer states with minimal festive foliage, pine cones can help spread holiday cheer in subtle ways.

Pomanders That Make Home Interior Design Smell

Do you like to come home with a fresh, spicy holiday scent? Fragrant Pomanders are not only great decorative accents but make them a great relaxing and fun activity for adults and children alike. To make Fragrant Pomanders, simply make a small hole in the orange with the narrow tool of your choice, and insert the cloves into the hole. The combined perfume will stay in your home for weeks and spread holiday cheer.


Consider Lights in Home Interior Design

Lighting is the most common decoration during the holiday season. Rope lights can enhance the holiday atmosphere in your home in many ways. Is it outdoor lighting that turns your home into the ultimate holiday?


Advent Calendar

The advent calendar is not only festive and decorative but also a great way to keep kids (and adults) involved in the holiday spirit well into Christmas. Advent calendars can be easily purchased or made by hand, and usually contain chocolates, candies or small gifts. If made by hand, a custom Advent calendar can be made to match the rest of your home interior design and assembled from a wreath.


Gift Wrapping Combinations and Interior Design

Matching your gift wrap with other decorations can make a difference in unifying your holiday décor and creating a cohesive theme throughout your home interior design. Gifts can be a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree ornament and theme. For example, if your tree ornaments and decorations are red and gold, wrapping your gifts in gold wrapping paper and adding red ribbons will cohesively unify your overall decor theme.


Use Linen in Home Interior Design

Don't forget about your bedroom in terms of holiday decor. Adding accent pillows in holiday patterns, throws and small decor items in your bedroom can spread holiday cheer throughout your home. Plus, it's a great way to switch things up so you don't get bored with your usual design, decor and bedding.

Home Interior Design Use Wreaths

Last but not least, wreaths. Wreaths are stapled holiday decorations and can be hung or placed throughout your home. Bouquets can be customized to incorporate your current décor and holiday colour palettes. Synthetic bouquets can be reused for the holidays as many times as you want, and some can be redecorated and modified should you decide to change your holiday décor in the coming years.

home interior design holiday

It doesn't matter if you have a small house interior design. If you apply some of the cute library decor ideas above, you can quickly fill the interior of any size house with happy, warm and cosy tones.

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