Mural Makes Comfortable, Suitable Office Interior Design for Millennials

posted on February 26, 2021

Mural Makes Comfortable, Suitable Office Interior Design for Millennials

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Why Wall Murals Are Trending in Office Design

Think of your office walls as a blank canvas: the possibilities for filling them are endless. One of the possibilities for taking advantage of wall space is the most popular among the many big names in the tech field. Office wall murals can be found all over the offices of tech giants like Spotify, Airbnb and Google.

Wall murals made like this tend to have many modern advantages. Often drawing inspiration from street graffiti, these designs are immediately evident at home in an urban metropolis.

But don't be fooled by the hip feel, young man. Wall murals are an ancient art form. From prehistoric cave paintings to the walls and ceilings of the Sistine Chapel, wall murals have been a visual medium for storytelling since early times. It might be easy to dismiss office wall murals as a trend when so many tech companies seem to like them, but it's really just the latest rehash of one of the oldest forms of art in human history.

There are good reasons for the durability and advancement of modern wall murals. Wall murals, if done well, are not only very attractive but also an endlessly versatile and efficient way to decorate a room.

Tech companies may, as is often the case, be the creators of the highest-profile trend of making office wall murals a pervasive phenomenon. But there are many compelling reasons that make wall murals an excellent design choice for offices and smaller businesses of all industries.

If you have an office design or remodelling, here are 8 reasons you should consider including at least one mural in your workspace.

1. Wall murals instantly energize a space

If you can only make one change to your office décor to make the biggest improvements, add a wall mural. Open office design concept; a group of computer desks; narrow, windowless conference rooms; an otherwise drab hallway. Each of these spaces can be dramatically enhanced with the addition of a simple wall mural. Wall murals increase the energy of a space by adding dynamic visual appeal.


2. Wall murals maximize space

Don't have much space in your office for decoration? If you have a blank wall, you have room for a mural. Wall murals don't require any floor space. They don't block traffic, electrical outlets, wifi signals, or natural lighting. If you have the opposite problem of having too much free space, a wall mural can also make the empty space feel more intentional.


3. Wall murals showcasing your brand

Throughout history, intricate murals have been used for storytelling and as a marker of identity (think street graffiti). Therefore, wall murals are the perfect tool to make a statement about your brand. By creatively depicting your company's colours, brand image, and company values, an office wall mural with prominent features can serve as a daily reminder of your company's mission and bring your company culture to life.


4. Wall murals can increase employee satisfaction and productivity

Since many of us spend more than 40 hours per week in the office, it's no surprise that people prefer to work in spaces that are attractive, comfortable, and well decorated. Numerous studies have linked thoughtful workplace design and the presence of artwork with higher levels of employee productivity and satisfaction. Wall murals can play a role in enhancing the overall feel of your office space, contributing to a happier and more productive workforce.


5. Wall murals can help you recruit talent

As well as being a daily source of motivation for your workforce, an attractive office wall mural can also give prospective employees a warm feeling about your company. If a wall mural looks good and shows that your company has a clear brand identity, it can make a positive impression on the talent you are trying to recruit.


6. Low maintenance wall murals

Once you have designed and installed your office wall mural, your work is done. Unlike plants, wall murals will not die if no one is watering them. Unlike pillows and lounges, they don't get dirty and worn out quickly. Unlike hanging art or sculpture, they don't need cleaning.


7. Wall mural is designed friendly

You may have to throw away some office furniture to make room for new hires after a quick hiring round. But office wall murals make for a permanent, unimpressive fixture that can stick around even as your workforce grows and furniture is remodelled.


8. Wall murals can be anything. Anything!

If you can dream it, you can illustrate it in a wall mural. Whether you want an uber-modern, edgy, or tasteful design, no workplace is too conservative to benefit from an office wall mural. If you want to learn more about wall murals in office spaces, check out other office designs that feature a wide variety of stylish office wall mural ideas that forward-thinking companies use to create effective and inspiring workplaces.


Inspiring staff with office murals

Even though many people love their work, going to the same place every day, sometimes over the years can be an endeavour. And nothing juggles a boring job like a visually boring and lifeless workplace.

Dull grey office space discourages moral and demotivates workers, adding to other factors such as work-related stress and lack of engagement. But interior elements like office murals can give your employees the inspiration they need to stay excited. Just as plants create a healthy office ecosystem, wall murals are known to improve worker wellbeing.

Mural in Office Interior Design

One of the elements of office interior design that is loved by millennials is a mural. Make a comfortable office for your employees, especially if you have a lot of millennial employees, this idea will be very inspiring! If you want to change the look of your office design, we can be an interior solution for your office needs and desires. Contact us through customer service on this website page.


Interior Designer: Contact us via  Highstreet to make your dream building come true and join Highstreet to become our interior design partner.

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