Office Interior Design in Pandemic, Is It a Trend for Privacy Furniture?

posted on September 25, 2020

Office Interior Design in Pandemic, Is It a Trend for Privacy Furniture?

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While it is impossible to say for sure what the future holds in a pandemic situation, interior design understands there are both short and long term effects a pandemic will have on the office environment. By understanding the effects on the office environment, you and your employees may gain an understanding of how workplace needs can change. You can adapt your office design by designing a better, safer, and healthier office interior design for your employees.

Remote Work Time to Change Office Interior Design

Remote work has been going on for longer than you would like, and you will likely continue to allow your employees to work from home. During the home time, even though your employees are far away from each other, there is a stronger relationship between the employees. There is a deeper understanding that all of your employees should feel supported when working from home. As you transition back to work from the office, this need for employee relations will not disappear, but will be enhanced and will largely factor into your office interior design in several ways. Now is the right time for those of you who want to change your office environment into a healthy and safe environment for your employees by adapting office interior design. So,

The first thing every employee will do is of course virtual meetings and the use of meeting tools between colleagues and clients will continue. This concept of changing the way you work offers the opportunity for technology to have a greater impact on your activities and initiatives. Everything that changes digitally like digital whiteboards, video discussions, virtual meetings, seminars, webinars, and you can even take advantage of that to unite your employees. Instead of looking at the tiny screen, technology provides a new video conferencing experience where you feel as if you are next to the person you are talking to. If you have an introverted employee, they will feel more inclined to speak in virtual meetings compared to their comfort level in person in physical meeting rooms. This type of virtual exploration could further reflect the idea that people yearn to collaborate and get back together. While virtual reality cannot completely replace real interactions, these changes can help people feel temporarily more connected.

Besides, people will continue to organize their days differently regarding personal work such as helping a child go to school. Before the change in remote work, this personal work was done before or after work and did not need to be counted in the working day. Now that work and home have merged, people have found a routine that suits them and their personal needs. This may not go away and your employees can still be flexible with their work-life balance. As work and personal life continue to occur in the same place, your employees are becoming more aware of this balance.

Transition Back to Office and Change Interior Design

Offices that have reopened their doors to employees are doing so on a lower occupancy basis and a part-time basis. Although there is an understanding that this is how you need to take advantage of office design for now and will turn into a long term office design policy. This in-between the stages of remote work and working in an office will present several new opportunities for office design and culture. What office interior designs can you apply during a pandemic like this?

Staying connected requires many of your employees to communicate via video calls. As experienced by many of your employees, standard meeting rooms in the office are not conducive to video meetings. Now you can make sure your office design is better equipped to support virtual meetings. As a result, you'll likely see increased touchdown space for employees looking to get more focused work done. With the addition of privacy furniture, more touchdown areas can support the needs of your employees without having to build a new meeting room in your office.

The spatial design will also be changed to meet the new safety in your office environment. Privacy furniture is your choice and can help you in the medium term by making your employees feel safe returning to the office for employees who may not have access to private offices. You should provide a flexible, solution that supports their need for comfort.

The Future of Office Interiors

As people are used to working remotely, your office will need to adopt a flexible work from home policy, but this won't take away from the design of your physical office space. By designing office space according to safety protocols. the right kind will create a welcoming environment, the office can again be a place for your employees to work safely. For this to happen in your office, the workstation area needs to be a comfortable place.

To accommodate the flow of employee turnover in your office, your design needs to look different and must adapt to the needs of your employees. Privacy furniture can support flexibility by placing privacy furnishings in your office design. By doing so, privacy furniture will provide a sense of security and privacy for your employees, and become the best office solution for you and your employees.

Privacy Furniture in Office Design Give Happiness to Employees

This pandemic has also catalyzed change in your office interior design. For the office to continue to be used in the future, the office design must be designed according to your needs during a pandemic. This involves creating a friendly and calm environment for employees. By bringing home comforts to the office, such as seating options, the office design can be a comfortable place. Privacy furniture can increase the productivity and focus of your employees.

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How about your office interior design? Has your office implemented an appropriate interior design during a pandemic like this? A healthy and safe office environment is a concern for your employees. If you want to adapt your office interior design during a pandemic, you can contact our customer service on this website page and we will create an office interior design that will make your employees feel safe and comfortable.

This article is adapted from Privacy Furniture In The Post-COVID-19 Workplace

Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to make your dream building come true and follow our blog for updates on building design inspiration.

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