Re-opening Retail: How to Ensure Social Distancing in Retail Store Design

posted on July 9, 2020

Re-opening Retail: How to Ensure Social Distancing in Retail Store Design

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As you prepare for the future of retail, there is one certain thing, the experience of in-store shopping has changed and is inevitable. When stores begin to reopen, you need to pay attention to how consumer behaviour has changed since the time of the pandemic, and what services and experiences are now expected from all stores. Retail interior design will have a major behavioural change for you as a retail owner and consumer. For now, social distance is needed in retail interior design and will become a new normal. That way, consumers will feel comfortable when in a wider environment.

How do you adapt retail interior design that is safe and makes your customers feel less worried? Retail interior design that will be combined with important technology and policies that must be implemented by you when you plan to reopen your store.

Basic Interior Design Services Reopen Retail

The line between physical retail and online is now blurred. Consumer behaviour has changed and habits will persist. Today, consumers will usually continue to use safe and comfortable alternatives, such as buying a pick up on the road to get products locally, but you must also be prepared for some of your sales to switch online. Despite major changes that will affect the retail interior design, and in the way people buy, it also interacts when shopping still feels worried. You can implement the right systems and policies for your retail interior design.

In this pandemic to protect your staff and customers, you have to work to rebuild consumer confidence to go out and shop at your retail. By combining retail interior design with technology that can help maintain distance and reduce the risk of spreading the virus it needs to be enforced. The existence of a retail interior design that can adapt to changes, the shopping experience will look and feel different in some time, but it becomes an inevitable consequence of a pandemic. How do you change your retail interior design and make your customers feel comfortable? Here are some changes that you need to consider when you want to plan changes to your retail interior design.

Curbside Pickup

People want to feel safe when they shop, and because of that you might be able to open other services for your retail such as BOPIS curbside pickups (buy online, pickup at stores), and ship them in the right way. This method is referred to as retail-to-go and allows your consumers to order online and can buy the same day at the nearest physical retail store from your customer's location. This method makes the mall provide a parking area, specifically for the collection of goods on the curb. The retail-to-go model will operate by asking the store to let consumers know which four-colour coded parking lots need to be visited and when for the curbside pickup process that will limit contact between people.

Interior Design Services Pay Attention to Your Retail Layout

If the behaviour changes, the retail layout must also change. Part of your plan to reopen your physical store and include re-paying attention to your retail layout. For example, if your retail has a large screen and narrow lanes, it might make it difficult for you to keep a safe distance, not only for your employees but also for your customers. If necessary, interior design services will modify the layout to expand the traffic lane or interior design services will lay a one-way lane to ensure the traffic flow in your shop is smoother. If you want to change your retail layout, you can also consider adding a queue marker, like a label on the floor that will help your customers see where they need to stand to keep a safe distance while your customers are waiting in line. Changing the layout of your retail interior design will allow your customers to get a shopping experience without worrying.

Number of People Allowed in Your Store

To protect staff and consumers, you should understand the limitations of your retail space. For example, the application of social distance such as only allowing 20 per cent of people to come to your store from the total storage capacity. You need to think about the size of the room and determine how many people are realistically entering your store safely. As you already know, before paying attention to the number of people who can enter your store, interior design services will pay attention to the layout of your shop so that there is no crowd in your store.

Establish Protocols for Social Distance

During this pandemic, your customers need to feel confident to have a safe experience in the store. If you have a clear protocol that will make your shop feel comfortable without making your staff or customers feel strange shopping at stores that have changed retail designs. Knowing the process when your customers enter the store and the application of maintaining social distance within the store, you need to help your staff feel confident about sharing social distance policies with your customers. In addition to announcing a social distance policy for your customers, you also need to ensure your staff remain protected at work, as well as providing PPE such as masks, gloves and accessible handwashing areas. If you want your store to be more secure, You can think about providing a barrier between your staff and consumers to feel comfortable and safe. The application of plastic partitions that can be applied and used as protective decorations for your retail interior design can help to protect your staff and consumers.

Make Changes to Retail Interior Design to Prepare a New Normal The next

Few months create a new moment, where you as a retail owner have the opportunity to rebuild, redesign the retail interior so that it still looks comfortable for your customers. Now is the time to set the foundation for your retail interior design and combine your retail with the latest technology and innovation, so you can reach more consumers than ever before.

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We can help you to change the retail interior design that still makes you feel safe and comfortable visiting your store. You can contact our customer services on this website. It's time to comfort your consumers with a new atmosphere of your retail interior design.

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