Small Room Solutions: 10 Small Office Interior Design Ideas for 2021

posted on March 25, 2021

Small Room Solutions: 10 Small Office Interior Design Ideas for 2021

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Many companies implement remote work policies, the need for office space is gradually shrinking. The need nowadays is to go to a small, fully-equipped, scalable office at the same time. Unlike the traditional offices which look boring interior design with tables and chairs, modern office interior designs come with enhanced aesthetics that can make your work time more enjoyable. In this article, we have collected 10 small office interior design ideas that can help you decide what kind of design for your small office.

Here are our 10 simple and modern office design ideas for small businesses. Come on, find out in more detail.

Modern Office Design Layout

If you have space constraints, an office layout design that has a rectangular model is a perfect idea! You can choose a floor corner to create a stylish small office setup. You can push furniture into a corner to maximize the available space. Choose a table island and a sleek swivel chair. Hide all the ugly cords and add a beautiful painting for uptime inspiration.


Minimalist Small Office Design

One way to adapt to the 'new normal' work style is to try these small office renovation ideas! You don't have to knock down your walls to set up your headquarters. Instead, line up the unused space in the living room or bedroom and those blank walls to hang on some shelves. You can add some lights, displays, and sleek chairs that don't get in the way.


Elegant Small Office Space Design Ideas Office

layout ideas can also work well for a home office. You can implement office design ideas by positioning the seat in a corner and placing the windows behind to allow in natural sunlight. The table here is used as an extension of the main cabinet, which is a brilliant way of optimizing the available space. Choose multiple raffles and shelves to keep everything organized in one place.


Small Office Design Layout with Share Desks

For companies with small teams, office setups can serve two purposes, such as effective use of space and personal interaction with colleagues. By eliminating claustrophobic booths and replacing them with dividing desks, you can ensure that people work together without the intrusion of privacy. Putting a coffee table small and a lounge sofa can reduce the formal atmosphere.


Small Office Design Team

If you are not a fan of formal settings, go for a flexible office design! It's perfect for your small team, especially in professions like designing, where interactions occur between people on a regular basis. You'll need an accent sofa in the corner to break the ice and a meeting table as well as a discussion table for some serious brainstorming. Keep the walls in neutral colours and add some colourful decorations to make it a living space.


Creative Office Design Ideas for Small

Spaces Miss the monotonous office design layout with a traditional office setting that unleashes your creativity. You can create cool office designs that aren't boring at all! Bright colours like teal blue and yellow kick can rock your blue Monday. Fun wall decorations work as well as get rid of boredom. Use small tables and chairs to save space. Choose carpet floors for a more customized look.


Small Office Design Remodeling Ideas

With most employees working remotely, it makes sense for offices to reduce their floor size. One way to bring everyone together is to choose a large open hall and turn it into a mini office setting. This can be done by knocking down concrete walls and replacing them with glass for energy savings. A minimalist table with movable cupboards and chairs would be great! Add in some vintage lights to brighten up the environment as the sun goes down!


Style Small Office Interior Design Ideas Rustic

How about working from the forest? Before it becomes a mainstream concept, you can try it first without having to become a forest dweller. Replace your glossy cabin with rugged-looking wooden panels and shelves. Pay attention to old vintage accessories like rusty tables, vintage storage bins, vintage bulbs, and frames.


Colourful Small Office Interior Design

Turn your old study desk into a really fun home office setting! This small office decor idea is great for those who see their work area as an extension of their unique personality. Instead of pink, you can choose any dominant colour of your choice. Add tons of colourful posters, inspirational quotes, magnets and all your favourite items to enjoy a feeling like a Friday every day!


White-Black Small Office Space Design

Black and white with a splash of Fuchsia pink can never go wrong! The impressive design of an office interior for this small space can make you want to sit indoors just to enjoy its beauty! From designer wallpaper to solid black cabinets and upholstery, every element reminds us of fantasy land. Adding a little pink can blow your mind!


Small Office Decorating Tips:

Whether it's a home or a commercial space, these small office layouts and decorating ideas can simplify your work:

  • Remove bulky pieces and replace them with sleek, edgy ones that are stylish and functional.
  • Rearrange the furniture and push it against the wall to leave the centre room to move.
  • Maintain the seat opposition opposite the entrance to get a proper view.
  • Try to arrange the office next to an open space such as a window or balcony, so that you get lots of natural light and air.
  • Create a flexible workspace rather than reserving tables for people. This way you can minimize the less table usage.
  • Decorate the office with some bold colours, artwork and accent furniture to bring out the personality of your brand.


small office space

We hope you like this amazing small office design idea. Setting up an exclusive workspace can improve your posture and keep you disciplined. You can also get privacy from the clutter of noisy people around you. So, do you think it's worth having a home office or would you prefer a co-working space?


If you have problems designing the interior of your small office, we have the right interior solution for you. Small office space is no longer a barrier for you to work productively. Contact us through this website page and create an office interior design that suits your dreams!


Interior Designer: Contact us via  Highstreet to make your dream building come true and join Highstreet to become our interior design partner.

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