Small Workspace Inspiration: Try These 10 Interior Design Ideas

posted on April 2, 2021

Small Workspace Inspiration: Try These 10 Interior Design Ideas


No need to worry if you only have a limited and relatively small workspace. You can still create an office interior design with the help of interior design services.

Since small offices have limited space, you should make full use of the entire space that you want to make into an office. With a modern small office interior design, you will make the most of every corner while maintaining a conducive and attractive work environment.

Do you have a desire to change the interior design of your office? We have several interior design ideas that you can try.


1. Contemporary Office Interior Design

Contemporary office interior design focuses on simple décor, but this design has a style with an aesthetic quality that is based on first principles when building a modern office. To enhance the appearance of your office interior design, you can use contemporary furniture and color palettes with accents or neutral colors to reinforce the character of your office interior.

The widespread use of glass or windows in contemporary offices, especially in partitions or dividers in the workspace of employees. If you already have a small office without glass walls, you can start to use a glass table and equip the office space with lighting options that can make the workspace brighter.


2. Naturalistic Office Interior Design

If you like nature, then nature-inspired office interior design will be the best concept for you. You can paint the office with a mixture of green tones to reflect vegetation or vegetation that is in nature. In addition, you can also use office furniture designed to create a more natural work atmosphere.

To get the most out of your workspace concept, try placing your desk next to the window, so you can enjoy the beautiful view every now and then when you start to get bored of work. You will also maximize the sunlight entering your workspace. Another idea is that you can add potted plants to your office shelf to make the atmosphere look fresher and cooler. If you don't want plants in the office, as an alternative, you can use a painting or mural on the office wall that is inspired by nature.


3. Creative Office Interior Design

With great creativity, you can quickly transform a small room into a modern, functional office. Include shelves and cubicles on the walls to make full use of the space in your office. To enhance your office decor, you can paint the entire room with white paint.

You can also develop creativity in a modern office interior design by using flexible tables and chairs that can be folded down when not in use. Some other creative ways include using a combination of colors to brighten up a room and also embedding other decorations in the form of photos on an empty wall area.


4. Office Interior Design with Nuances of White

Another way to make your small office look modern and stylish is to go white. An all white interior design can make your office look calm and classy. One of the great benefits of a white office is to create the illusion of space. The room will appear larger than it is.

With an all-white office concept, also consider giving texture to the walls. Decor and art on the walls by giving it a touch of bold colors will be the ideal texture for white walls. Also, make sure you put in enough light to light the entire office. You can try this by opening a window or by using a bright light.


5. Office Interior Design Using Partitions

If you have relatively small office space, you will need to partition your office to accommodate at least two people. You can partition a small office space in half or divide your work desk into two using a glass partition. This of course will save more space.

If you want to divide a large room into a small office space, you can ask for interior design services so that your wishes can be realized carefully and in detail. The existence of interior design services can help you to create your small office interior design ideas to be more effective and efficient.


6. Office Interior Design with Glass Walls

Building an office interior with glass walls provides many benefits, including benefits in increased teamwork and collaboration between workers. By making full use of natural light, you can reduce the need for electric lighting. This helps you as an office owner to save costs.

To enhance your glass wall office decor, also consider installing contemporary office chairs and desks to make your office look great from the outside. However, if you feel that a glass-walled office will compromise your privacy, you can install frosted glass as a solution.


7. Interior Design "Small Home Office"

If you prefer to work at home, you can turn one of the small rooms you have into an office. By designing and decorating the room according to your needs, you will make the most of it. The advantage is that the small home office is very easy to set up to be your workspace at home.

One good thing about this office is that you don't need to buy office equipment like chairs and desks. You can use old furniture to work efficiently. This certainly reduces costs such as establishing a head office.


8. Office Interior Design in Black and White Nuances

If you feel uncomfortable with an all-white office, you can go for black as the two colors blend perfectly to create a fashionable look. When your office walls are white, consider using black furniture for a more balanced tone.

When decorating walls, try to use simple wall decorations in black and white. You can also add black and white photos to enhance the texture and aesthetic appeal. As you add more equipment to your office, including printers, paper, and pens, make sure the color theme is uniform.


9. Office Interior Design with Traditional Concepts

With a traditional office interior design, you can make your small office appear more modern. You can complement your office space with brown furniture and shelves with a sturdy and durable wood texture.


10. Simple Office Interior Design

Simple office interior design will be the best way to do it. You will need a simple but smart wooden table and modern chairs. Also consider decorating the office walls in your favorite color. Apart from that, you can also hang some paintings or wall art on the wall for added texture.


Those are 10 small office interior design ideas that can inspire you to make your office more efficient and effective.



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