Traditional Design Style Inspirations, Unique Bamboo Houses in Bali

posted on November 13, 2020

Traditional Design Style Inspirations, Unique Bamboo Houses in Bali

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Designing a home interior that has a traditional style made of bamboo, have you ever thought about it? One of the architects in Bali chose bamboo as the main material in his design project. What are the results of the design of a house made of bamboo?

Looking at the location in Bali, the application of the traditional building concept made from bamboo material remains unique and amazing. The form of innovative home design made of bamboo can create a very different nuance if you compare it to other interior design concepts. Although the design of the house has the appearance of the surrounding environment which also supports the interior of the house made of bamboo, it is very suitable to be combined with the surroundings surrounded by green nuances. The greenhouse design concept also takes natural materials whose existence these materials are very important for designing buildings in the future. Beauty and strength are words that can represent the design concept of the house, a traditional home interior style that has a traditional concept on a global scale.

By utilizing bamboo as the inspiration for this design, interior design services will be able to realize beauty and strength through the application of natural materials that have been designed in such a way by interior design services and interior consultants. What is a unique home interior design made of natural materials such as bamboo?

Interior Designers Create Unique Home Interior Designs from Bamboo

A bamboo house located in Green Village, Sibang Gede, Bali as an Aura House which requires a 12 months construction and design process. The bamboo house design located in Bali will make you feel like you are in a bamboo forest or a birdcage because of the design of the house. Uniquely, the interior design of the house was built without using doors and windows like the designs of other houses in general. There will only be a large window that is designed to resemble an egg. The area is designed as a link between room space and views of the river and the outer forest around the Green Village.

The interior of the bamboo house is designed to have two bedrooms and the interior designer can present a natural atmosphere in the house through the application of bamboo as the material. You certainly don't need to feel hot during the day, bamboo as part of the interior

design of the house will provide a cool atmosphere. Moreover, it is coupled with open views from the outside and direct air space that you can feel from the trees around the design of the house.

Not only that, to add to the impression of a comfortable home, the bamboo house designer built a swing that you can make a lie on. To make the room design match, a swing is placed on the bedroom balcony. If you look at the habits of the old people, swings were often used during the day when the air around the house was hot. Who wouldn't want to swing on a lie and enjoy the cool breeze that can make you sleep soundly during the day?

Interior Designers Adjust the Application of Bamboo to the Color of the Home Interior

One other interesting corner of the room is the bedroom. You can see the use of bamboo in the bedroom design is very dominant, it is also made with a cross pattern and placed next to the bed.

Unlike the case with the living room design in a bamboo house, home designers do not apply a window to the design of the room. However, you don't need to worry about the air in the room. Interior designers choose to apply an open space design concept that will make you feel a natural cool atmosphere and receive oxygen from the trees around the house. To strengthen the appearance of a traditional style interior design, you can place a fan and a pendant lamp. Don't make the wrong choice, you should choose a fan that has an ancient shape that was used by ancient people.

Bamboo Design Inspiration for Home Interior Design

Not only Aura House, located in the same area, but there is also another bamboo house called Echo House. In terms of design, the interior of the Echo House building has a difference with Aura hOuse, even though it is made of the same natural materials. Echo House is designed in a theatre-like form. One of the unique things about the design of the Echo House is that the shape of the building seems to be hidden behind the surrounding forest.

Meanwhile, in terms of the interior design of the house, Echo House applies a design that presents a more artistic appearance, different from Aura House. You can see a variety of design textures such as the use of wood and terracotta as a base material through its use in furniture and home decor. With the benefit of having more space, Echo House is designed to have two separate guest rooms but still placed together with the kitchen and bbq area. The room design concept is not only enjoyed by you as the owner of the house, your guests can also feel the pleasure of being in a bedroom with this design.

Even though it has building and interior designs that are far from modern concepts, like other house designs today, Echo House is also the same as Aura House where the design is dominated by materials made of bamboo. You can combine open window designs so that you can display the natural scenery outside, as well as direct sunlight that can penetrate your room so that you as a homeowner don't have to worry about lighting and also the air in the house building. You may also not need to add lights during the day.

bamboo home desing in Bali

Bamboo is a beautiful, versatile, and strongest design material that can be your choice in designing a home. The rainforest is running low, wood mostly comes from rainforest and cement material has a carbon load that will not help in the future. If you plant bamboo today in a few years, it will have wood ready for you. Of course, you'll also get wood every year to build whatever you need. So, are you interested in including bamboo in your choice as a material in your home design concept?

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