Want to Have a Fun and Efficient Office? Follow These Office Interior Design Inspirations

posted on March 25, 2021

Want to Have a Fun and Efficient Office? Follow These Office Interior Design Inspirations

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Office Interior Design Ideas to Make the Workplace Fun and Efficient

Regardless of the work pressures of a job, the office is a place where efficiency and creativity are released. The office can also be called a second home because of the long working hours and social interactions that indulge the employees in the space. While we decorate our homes with aesthetic collections of antiques, art, and photographs, office desk decorations are limited to employee awards and perhaps family photos for keepsakes during stressful work hours. This is counterproductive because the dull environment acts as a buffer for innovation and productivity.

Gray, lifeless booths are not a source of positivity and motivation for employees. Likewise, small workspaces with inadequate lighting are proven to make the work area feel comfortable. A comfortable and refreshing environment in an office can work wonders with mood and morale, and consequently employee efficiency.

It is impossible to equip all rooms and booths with natural sunlight and the perfect wall colour. However, certain decor ideas can help add life to the workplace environment. It is entirely possible to maintain your professional office interior design setting while ensuring that your employees feel at home. A neat and productive looking office goes a long way in impressing clients. First impressions matter a lot, and the appearance of your employees and your office acts as a key indicator of the quality of your work. Therefore, an office must embody the company's vision and impress both its employees and clients.


Display the Company Logo and Vision Strongly

Place the enlarged image of your logo and company vision in important common areas, especially entrances. This has the dual benefit of creating a sense of loyalty and unity among employees, and a strong impression on existing and potential clients. This is an effective way of presenting your company values ​​to visitors and reminding employees of a larger purpose. You can take this representation a bit higher by incorporating your brand colours into your office colour scheme.


Adding Artistic Aesthetics and Carpets in Office Interior Design

Complete the office interior design for art so that it can make your workplace look attractive, caring, and alive. You can choose classic black and white pieces or experiment with bold, abstract artwork. You can also add a rug to decorate the floor as it adds a warm and colourful vibe to the surroundings. Use carpets in public places, especially during informal gatherings and presentations. Have your employees take off their shoes, get coffee, and return to their chairs.


Complementing Office Interior Design with Unique and Comfortable Furniture

More and more office interior designs are adopting a fun organization with comfortable furniture and interactive spaces to exchange ideas. Large tables that have traditional styles and swivel chairs are replaced by the architectural recliner, low-rise tables, and bean bags. The shift in seating arrangements is at the forefront with offices opting for outdoor space and prioritizing comfort over tradition. This has greatly improved not only productivity but also improved employee relations in the workplace.

With regards to your clients, it is important to maintain a formal attitude. You can design this by adding a sturdy teak table and a rich, soft arrangement for the conference room. An accented centre table also serves as an eye-catching piece of furniture that is sure to grab your client's attention. Such informal decorations can be used to develop close relationships with your clients and stronger bonds of trust.


Open Office Interior Design

Although conventional offices have walls that demarcate areas, research shows that open spaces can facilitate better communication and teamwork. Using a barrier instead of a wall can create a sense of company unity among employees. The best colour schemes and unique furniture will not reflect positive vibes if the room looks dark and sad. Here, sunlight can be your best friend because natural light sources are a great source of energy. Design large windows and make sure that nothing in the office is getting in the way of them.


Have a Functional Break Room

A break room is an indispensable part of any office. Ensure that there is sufficient food and basic cooking utensils. However, make sure you provide your employees with healthy snacks that are beneficial for their productivity and health. Transform your break room with a quirky little coffee table, a comfortable sofa, and even a bookcase that holds some of your all-time favourite treats. This will show your employees that you care about them and promote better company-employee relationships.


Don't Forget to Check Your Office Scent

While this may seem like an odd tip, environmental scents have a huge impact on employee productivity. An office that reeks of employee socks, paper, ink, and coffee at the same time is not a healthy first impression on a client. One option is to place flowers in a common area as this will add to the visual as well as olfactory enhancement. However, you should make sure that the aroma is strong and that the wilted flowers are replaced with fresh ones. Alternatively, you can make room for quality air ventilation and purchase an air freshener to produce a pleasant aroma.


While this is an idea for an office interior design as a whole, one of the best ideas for office interior design is to give your employees the freedom to experiment with their work desks. This not only goes well with employees but also acts as a reflection of individual aesthetics and represents diversity in your workspace. It is also sure to impress your clients as unity in diversity is always a stronghold for any organization. Overall, implement large-scale changes and offer all employees the right to explore their tastes. We wish you an office interior design that suits your dreams!


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Interior Designer: Contact us via  Highstreet to make your dream building come true and join Highstreet to become our interior design partner.

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