Why Home Interior Design May Need A Makeover During Pandemic?

posted on October 2, 2020

Why Home Interior Design May Need A Makeover During Pandemic?

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Why do homes need to be changed if the coronavirus pandemic changes open interior design? Home and closed kitchens are now back to your liking, reversing decades of the trend for homes with open interior designs. However, this was not the case for some who observed that shared family experiences when offices and schools were temporarily closed and prompted demand for more shared spaces in the home.

The Popularity of Open Concept Interior Design

Popular since the 1970s, open-plan interior design was reconsidered when the coronavirus began to spread. Maybe you are one of those people who doesn't want to choose an open-plan or open-plan interior design concept.

The few months you jostle in the limitless space of the house have made some residents, including you reconsider your decision to remove as many internal walls as possible in the interior design.

Similar to the trend for open office design, which seems to have few fans, an undivided row of desks is now definitely not an option. Will the coronavirus eliminate the open-plan interior design concept? That question has been thought by many interior designers. After all, a pandemic can affect the future of your chosen interior design.

The sudden health crisis forced so many people to use their homes simultaneously as offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and sports rooms. But often many residents of the house are in the space at the same time and this can lead to a reorganization of interior design spaces that offer more privacy.

Multifunctional Home Interior Design

Now, people will be paying attention to adequate spaces where they can work from home to create a hands-on work environment that will not be disturbed during a pandemic. It can be said as a shift to the desired home office design or even designing a room dedicated to productive work.

When many people start cooking by themselves, they will think about whether the wall will be installed again in the open kitchen to redesign a special space in the interior design of the kitchen. However, during the coronavirus, people who stay at home have more time for them to check the interior design of their homes. Are you doing the same thing? Paying attention back to a healthy home interior design is very important for the health and safety of your family.

The pandemic does make more people want to cook food, an activity they don't normally do, but they don't want to escape the affairs of the house. How are the results regarding the applied interior design? Kitchen interior design develops into a part of the living room interior. This trend has existed in several Western countries for decades.

If you as the owner of a larger house may have imagined a bar space in your living room, and now the room is more likely to be designed as a place to cook. You can use this room for adults, children, and even your family members to immediately prepare food with the last cooking stage taking place in the kitchen.

Open Concept Interior Design

All areas in your house will be designed as public spaces. Activities such as cooking, eating, and life is more open because family interactions will increase during a pandemic. You will see each other often. In redesigning the interior of your home, you can make the kitchen space wider so that it can be accessed easily without limiting your activities.

Kitchens with open interior designs will remain because they make a small house feel wider and more welcoming. Especially with families who spend more time indoors, this type of interior design will make the kitchen interior design the centre of the house. Although there is a reason to design a kitchen interior with a closed concept primarily for Indonesian cuisine, where sautéing and frying inevitably produce odours and smoke that can quickly spread into the air. You can too but choose this type of interior design concept by adding a glass door or sliding glass partition that separates the kitchen space from the living room if you wish, knowing that the home cooking trend will continue.

Increase the Immunity of the House from Interior Design

Indoor air can be contaminated up to 10 times more than outdoors due to the buildup of pollutants inside. You need to think about paint, household cleaning products, wax fumes or glues on new carpets before you even consider cigarette smoke, spores, bacteria, and viruses. Air and water filter systems in the interior design of your home can be a high-tech solution, but at least water filter tubes and placing leafy ornamental plants can also be very effective in a healthy home interior design. Plants such as air purifier ninja are very effective for your home interior design.

Open Concept Office Design

What about offices that apply an open interior design with all the noise and distractions? Conversely, could working from home with your family members during the coronavirus pandemic be able to rethink open-concept interior design instead of opting for a closed concept? The risk of the spread of the coronavirus that exists in offices is in common rooms and break rooms, but changing the design of an open space office is a way that is highly considered. Open office interior design will continue to be beneficial by not accommodating too many people in one area.

However, the office can pay attention to the health of employees by prioritizing health through the use of anti-microbial design materials, adding a natural atmosphere to the interior design of the office, such as placing plants that will help you get rid of the dirty air and dust in your office.

home interior design

The COVID-19 pandemic is making people consider a healthy work-life environment important from home. Although as you may know, open office interior design is very efficient in terms of space and designing a collaborative environment. You also need to balance the design of your personal space to change the function of the room into a workspace, for those of you who want to design a workspace interior so that you can still be productive in thinking and concentrating.

Do you have a plan to change your home interior design during a pandemic? Just contact our customer service on this website page and we are ready to help you design a healthy home interior.

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