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Design plays an important role in determining business success, especially for food and beverage business. The more unique a store is, the more customers will come. The design also influences the rate of customer circulation. However, it is difficult to bring a smooth circulation if space is narrow and limited. This is the main challenge behind Highstreet’s Bariuma Ramen Central Park project.

Aiming for more customers, Bariuma Ramen is opened in Central Park shopping mall. With an international portfolio and robust experience in restaurant interior design in Jakarta—as well as Indonesia—Highstreet is ready to embody the 163 sqm restaurant project.

Bariuma is a ramen shop established in 2003. Originally from Hiroshima, the chained restaurant has a strong tradition of western Japanese. For the Central Park outlet, Bariuma tries to maintain their strong character. The project is referencing traditional street ramen shop in Hiroshima without losing modern touch.

To bring Japanese restaurant interior nuance, Highstreet uses a combination of natural stone and solid wood for the wall. For the floor, concrete patterned monogenous tile is used. The monogenous tone will make the narrow space looks wider. Laminated wood is also presented as part of decoration and furniture. Japanese atmosphere also can be seen from the partition with a digital printed graphics sticker.

The concept of full open kitchen is also implemented. With this kind of concept, customers will feel closer to Bariuma as they observe the whole noodle-making process. The restaurant interior design also brings a warm atmosphere by using soft lighting. Highstreet applies transparent acrylic plates to ease off the bright light from above.

In order to maximize the space, Highstreet has divided the space into two sections, 60% for the dining area and 40% for the kitchen. The dining area is also divided into some different sections. First is the open dining area and second is the private area.

To make the tight space look bigger, the private area uses the divider that resembles Japanese traditional door, Shoji. With a parallel arrangement, the dividers will create an illusion of extra space in the restaurant. The lighting with acrylic plates also plays important role in making a wider appearance for the whole restaurant.


Central Park Mall, Jakarta


163 m2


Bariuma Ramen


Completed in 2018


- Interior Design

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