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Cafe’s interior design is one of the most important things to attract customers. Especially these days, customers don’t only want the delicacy of food and drink, but also a comfortable atmosphere. Comfort can be obtained through impressive interior design. That is why Djournal, a cafe in Bandung that carries the tagline "Good Coffee for Good People", was in collaboration with High Street to create a comfortable and attractive interior design.

Djournal is a cafe in Bandung that has been opened since 2013. This cafe, which is under the auspices of Ismaya Group, presents coffee as a mainstay menu. Besides Bandung, Djournal also has several branches in other cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya. Even though they are located in different cities, all of Djournal branches carry out a similar atmosphere. For instance, Djournal’s restaurant design in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung offer a modern yet cozy café setting.

As one of the famous cafes in Bandung, Djournal is committed to serving the best coffee only. This commitment is proven through its success in gaining international recognition as "The Best Asia Pacific Airport Coffee, Tea, Non-alcoholic Beverage Shop of the Year" by the FAB in 2018.

Not only guaranteeing customer satisfaction by presenting the best coffee and menus, Djournal, which is built on an area of 141 square meters, also offers a comfortable atmosphere through its warm interior design. High Street made various adjustments to create a cafe with a refreshing atmosphere as Djournal expected. Maintaining Djournal's originality becomes one of the things that High Street prioritized when executing the cafe’s interior design concept.

In order to create a comfortable atmosphere, High Street uses more wood material for Djournal's interior design. The use of wood material is expected to be able to bring a warmer atmosphere so that customers who come to Djournal can feel at home for a long time. The convenience of customers presented by Djournal is increasingly maximized by the steps of High Street prioritizing the advantages of Flower City, which is cool, refreshing weather.

Utilizing a number of materials such as steel, corrugated metal, veneer stove, homogeneous tile, engineered wood, granite stone, to concrete look, High Street also engages Djournal's indoor and outdoor areas. This step is done to maximize the convenience of customers enjoying a cup of delicious coffee made from selected local seeds. Djournal’s specialties are also supported by the use of less attractive blue, rusted metal, and tall ceilings. No wonder Djournal is known for its pleasant restaurant design in Bandung.


Paris Van Java Mall, Bandung


141 m2


Ismaya Group


Completed 2018


- Interior Design

- Outdoor Design

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