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A food court is often visited because of a diverse menu of food and drinks. This diversity is an added value that makes the food court quite special. However, the success of a food court is not only guaranteed through the food and beverage menu offered but also from impressive interior design. This importance of design was what made Futopia Foodcourt worked with High Street to create an attractive food court's interior design food.

Futopia Foodcourt is a Lifestyle Center @ Mall Alam Sutera established in 2018. This food court in Alam Sutera, which is designed as a place to relax while dining, elevates the feel of fun and modern tropical and summer to provide comfort to customers. To maxmize this comfort, High Street chose a festive garden as a major theme of Futopia Foodcourt's interior design.

Carrying the concept of "Where Good Food and Good Times Become One", this food court, which is located on Jalan Alam Sutera Boulevard, East Panunggangan, Serpong Utara, South Tangerang City, Banten, offers an outdoor atmosphere complete with refreshing artificial plants. Built on an area of 5000 square meters, this food court under the auspices of Aalam Sutera Group presents a variety of delicious culinary and interesting atmosphere, thanks to its amazing interior design.

Futopia, which means Food Paradise, encouraged High Street as the interior design consultant in Jakarta to make various adjustments to revive and describe the atmosphere. One of them is through the use of laminated wood that gives a warm impression to the food court's interior design. The graphics and digital print fabric with flower images also make this food court look fresh and pleasant. For convenience, this one of the biggest food courts in Jakarta also provides an indoor and outdoor area (smoking area).

The food center, which is designed to be attractive and accompanied by unique lifestyle features, is also the answer to the needs of modern society for suitable eating places to gather while dining and relaxing. In completing its interior design, High Street has succeeded in making the atmosphere and function of the food court tagline "Your Urban Neighborhood" suitable for all groups, because it is also equipped with a meeting room that can be used.


Mall @ Alam Sutera


5000 m2


Alam Sutera Group


Completed 2018


- Interior Design

- Environtmental Graphic

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