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This restaurant/bar evokes the spirit of late bar/pubs movement era in the heritage district of London. Preserving the old while breathing new life into it. Embracing the high ceiling by combining with unusual layout arrangement and comfortable seating. While making sure this restaurant space to be attractive looking, we thought about the synergy between function, aesthetic and brand identity. The brand aim to be an elegant cocktail bar with a unique bar and dining experience. So, we match the material and color tones with this concept. Using warm grey as the main canvas, blending with shades of purple and turquoise with a touch of gold as the main interior elements.  Material combination such as different types of Marble stones and oxidized mirror also plays a big role in creating the resulting ambiance that we’re shooting for.

LBRTY specializes in creating selection of cocktails that suites your character, even customized ones based on your preference.  Emphasizing the personal interaction between the staff and guest, we make the bar in counter height lower than regular bars.  The bar settings are also arranged in group of 4 seat instead of regular one linear line seating along the bar table.  By creating this, we created the feel of having personal bartender for each seating group in the bar area.  Enhancing the exclusivity while the guests still feel to be a part of the whole bar ambiance.

This restaurant has a high ceiling of 7000 mm. When designing this restaurant, we emphasizing the interaction between bartender and customer, bar design is lower with counter height. Bar seating is arranged with a counter table set in a group of four, instead of perpendicular to the bar instead of facing the bar. We capturing the feeling of setting a restaurant or bar in a reused heritage building. We also designed a private dining area with a private speaker for meeting purpose.




Elysee SCBD

200 M2


Completed 2019

Interior Design and Build

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