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Liberica is a coffee shop franchise that specializes in the Liberica coffee. In Indonesia, Liberica has opened many branches in some of the biggest cities. This time, Liberica wants to open its latest branch in Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya. Since Tunjungan Plaza is known as the biggest mall in Surabaya, Liberica has a bigger chance to attract more customers.

Once you’re inside the Liberica Tunjungan Plaza, you’ll realize in a second that this place is quite elegant. Most of the walls are painted in dark color. However, the installation of golden brown shelves that dominates the walls creates an interesting contrast look. In addition, Highstreet also implements some copper accents in several areas to add a more elegant vibe to the room’s interior design.

In order to ensure the customers’ comfort, sofa and chairs are arranged in such a way that allows customers to move more freely. Besides, to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, Highstreet also uses Wood Florina material. On the other hand, this also gives more balance to the overall look of Liberica Tunjungan Plaza’s interior design.

Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya

Area Size
112 m2

Interior Design

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