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Our client wants a Kopitiam design that doesn't have too much Peranakan (Chinese) nuance. This restaurant is located in the Lippo Plaza Kemang complex where there is a retail area of ​​2 floors, residential apartments above it, and also located beside

Siloam Hospital which is in the same building. Therefore, this place is prepared to be able to operate and serve breakfast to dinner.

Also, the design must be adapted to cover all ages. The result of the design is a restaurant with a clean, simple, bright design, but still warm. Our design team also made use of natural light from the 2 large sides of the glass, from the position in the corner of the building, besides that the branding can also be seen from the 2 entrance directions.

We designed this place to be a comfortable place for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a comfortable place that is expected to facilitate hospital guests who may be in a bad mood. The colour play is dominated by grey, light wood, and white, accompanied by black accent lines which are also characteristic of British colonial buildings. Where the place of origin of the Kopitiam comes from the British Commonwealth of Asia, such as Singapore and Malaysia.


Location : Lippo Plaza Kemang

Size : 320 m2

Client : Melayoe Finest Kopitiam (Private Owner)

Status : Built 2019

Service : Interior Design

Industry : Food and Beverage

Year : 2019

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