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Nouria is a subsidiary of Erha Clinic Group. The brand aimed towards moslem women market, which
the skincare giant develops based on market demand and potential on the beauty care among hijab
community. We were trusted to transform this concept into reality. Based on the moslem concept
between genders, the place itself is restricted to male visitors and they only employ female staff
including security guards. Like regular skin care clinic as Erha does, the place has the consultation,
pharmacy, spa, locker & shower, hair salon, and other beauty treatment areas. We were given the
opportunity to explore the concept with the keywords and brand concept given,
Our team take ‘skin’ as the main concept of the interior design. Just like skin, the place has its own
system where all the elements in it needs to comprehend each other in order to achieve maximum
potential. When this synergy is maintained, the result is a healthy glowing skin that every women
desires. Just like the name ‘Nouria’, based on the word ‘Nour’ which means ‘light’ in Arabic. We’re
keeping the interior in a sleek‐simple lines with a touch of middle eastern accent to stay in the main
concept and reflect the brand identity. Coral was chosen as the brand’s main accent color that is
used throughout the interior. Simple arches and curve shapes are applied to mimic middle eastern
architecture as well as the feminine touch.

Ruko Emerald Summarecon UA/15, Bekasi

500 m2

Nouria Skin Beauty Solution

Finished 2020

Interior Design

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