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As one of Ismaya groups most well known and long running brand, Pizza E Birra has its own
reputatation and are branching in several region and islands. This time the group is expanding to
Makassar. Having previously worked on several other Pizza e Birra venues, we’re faced with an
exciting challenge in this project. It’s a special venue for the brand, the area span across 1000
square meter which makes it the biggest Pizza E Birra joint to date. Given the space , we’re happy to
have a great brainstorming session with the client. The huge space give us the opportunity to have
facilities that none other branch can accommodate, such as games area, private rooms, proper
performance stage area.
Staying within the main concept as a sports bar, we divided the venue into 2 main areas. The first
area consists of dining area, Drink bar, pizza bar, games area, and small band stage, while the second
area is mainly for events that has bigger performance stage and 4 private dining area. These two
areas are interconnected with movable partition, the fist area is intended for daily operation and the
other is made mainly for bigger events which requires more guest capacity. The drink bar is located
in between the 2 area be divided/join using automatic partition that slices the bar into 2 when it’s
closed. By having this option, the space has the flexibility to accommodate private parties and / or 2
events within the venue at the same time. The games are varied more than ever and are evenly
spread in between the dining/bar areas, we even able to fit a basketball machines as one the
selection. The main industrial themed interior with accent of bricks, wood, steel, colors and
accessories are still used within the areas. We incorporate new and unique gimmick and shapes into
the space, such as running track, basketball court and soccer field pattern. All of those spices are
applied while staying true to its brand DNA, in the end, the place is still has the main identity which
keeps Pizza e Birra loyal customers across the country feel at home when they enter the venue.

Phinisi Point Mall, Makassar

960 m2

Ismaya Group

Finished 2019

- Interior Design

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