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Both Pizza è Birra and Sushi Groove have indoor and outdoor areas. Formerly, only the outdoor area is shared between the two. In this new concept, High Street Studio is combining both spaces with the indoor area to be connected and outdoor area shared between two restaurants. To connect the previously separated indoor area, space breaker is used in the middle. Not only is it effective, but this design is also more intimate. The space breaker also has a high ceiling for better air circulation. Decorated by greenery, the see-through metal mesh at the top wall is perfect to embrace the fresh Bandung atmosphere.

To maintain the strong characteristics of Pizza è Birra and Sushi Groove, High Street Studio is also picturing individual venue concept. For Pizza è Birra, it is a garden-themed sports bar, with a semi-rustic and fun-colorful atmosphere to resemble a neighborhood sports park; while Sushi Groove is projected as a Japanese restaurant joint that is located on the alleyways of the hip Shimokitazawa area. Even these two restaurants are treated as separated area, High Street Studio brought the Japanese house within a house concept to emerge the harmonization between two. Just like the traditional garden in a Japanese house, the flexible seating between Pizza è Birra and Sushi Groove acts as a connector as well as a semi-separator.


Paris Van Java Mall, Bandung


353 m2


Ismaya Group


Completed 2018


- Interior Design

- Outdoor Design

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