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Prasetiya Mulya is one of the most prestigious Business Schools in Indonesia. The campus always strives to follow the dynamic of education culture. For this project, they want to revamp their building to adjust to the current education culture, which is more dynamic and encouraging communication of ideas.

The interior design for this 2.418 m2 project is inspired by the flow of information and the ever-growing mindset of the business world. It means that the design is enhancing the flow of movement—which becomes the key to active learning.

For classrooms, it is projected to stay away from the conservative classroom where the lecturer and whiteboard are fixed to one corner of the room only. It can be seen from the formation of the desks. When conservative classrooms have rows of desks, Prasetiya Mulya’s classrooms have such unique formation that allows students to be more active in class.

Aside from classrooms, Prasetiya Mulya also tries to enhance proper visitor experience without being catered by the existing design. For the main lobby, it is designed to have a better flow. Wood-patterned panels and artificial plants are used to give a warmer ambiance for the visitors.


Jakarta, Indonesia


Prasetiya Mulya


Interior Design

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