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So Gong Dong is a restaurant founded in 1962 that has consistently served the best Korean cuisines. The So Gong Dong name itself is the name of a neighborhood in the South Korean capital city of Seoul. One of the best parts of this restaurant is it uses many ingredients which are imported right from South Korea to ensure authenticities, like gravy and other spices. From the hope to serve customers with more pleasures, So Gong Dong PIK, with the help of High Street, has created a more pleasant place to eat.

To maximize comfortable atmosphere, Highstreet uses a lot of wood materials for So Gong Dong PIK’s interior design. The wood itself has always been one of the most used materials in architecture and interior design for so many restaurants. Wood is valuable not only because of its sturdiness but also for its versatility. In this matter, Highstreet uses wood to completely transform this 287 squares meter restaurant to be more pleasant and feel like home.

Moreover, Highstreet also made some key points for So Gong Dong PIK’s interior design, lighting is one of them. Soft and flattering lighting is applied to the restaurant to make customers feel comfortable so that they can relax and enjoy their stay in the restaurant. To accentuate the best setting of the room's lighting that suits the time of the day, Highstreet tried to make soft ambient lighting for customers.

Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

287 m2

Mayora Group

Finished 2018

- Interior Design

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