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Since the very beginning, So Gong Dong PIM wants to open a Korean restaurant with a concept of casual modern. This can be seen from the bright lighting inside the restaurant. Minimalist chandeliers are installed in various areas of the ceiling. Standing on the 136-meters area, So Gong Dong PIM arranges its chairs and tables as neatly as possible so that customers can move freely. This allows them to enjoy meals with maximum comfort.

On the other hand, So Gong Dong PIM doesn’t want to eliminate the Korean characteristics on their restaurant interior design. Highstreet came up with a Korean cartoon-like painting, which has been installed on one of the sides of the walls. On another side, there is also photographs and texts that tell So Gong Dong’s history. Not to mention the installation of classic tile to accentuate the vintage vibe.

This Korean touch can also be seen from the placement of partitions in several areas. Its ornaments are made from wood material so that it also gives a warm vibe to the overall restaurant interior design. Besides on the ornaments, the use of wood material is also implemented on the floor and some parts of the walls. Highstreet also utilizes plywood and solid wood to add a cozier vibe to the room.

Pondok Indah Mall, Street Gallery Jakarta, Indonesia

136 m2

Mayora Group

Finished 2018

- Interior Design

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