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Stark beer, as Indonesia’s only craft beer brand, wanted to create a sports bar which serves a collection of selected craft beers from around the world. And to attract beer lovers, like the venue name itself, most of those craft beers are being served from a tap. The initial intention is to create a sports bar with beer as the main menu, so the atmosphere needs to capture the ‘beer culture’ feel and the casual feel. The place has both indoor and outdoor place that can be utilized and has a live band /DJ as part of the entertainment offered. The client wants to have’ the biggest screen to watch a sports match in Jakarta sports bar’. The function is one of the main concerns in planning out this space, the kitchen and office (on mezzanine level) are shared by other venues by the same operational group. Therefore it’s a challenge of its own for the positioning and takes quite some space in the interior space. This main kitchen Our design team direct this concept to be an industrial style that represents the beer factory feel, combining predominantly rustic metal and solid wood for the interior. The bar is the main attraction of the interior, showcasing 30 beer taps with a giant LED screen above it. To strengthen the beer concept, we also play around with beer bottles as interior features on the bar and the artwork. The mezzanine level is used as the operational office for 4 MKA group’s venues in the same building. The staircase to the office is designed to be a decorative element with a railing that goes all the way to the interior ceiling, maximizing 7 meters tall space. A movable glass wall is incorporated to connect the indoor/outdoor dining space so that both spaces can share the musical performance and the giant screen during game day.

Elysee SCBD, Jakarta


MKA Group / Stark Beer


Restaurant / Bar

Food and Beverage


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