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Greenery in an office environment can enhance the aesthetic of your space. Indoor greenery can absorb noise to create a more focused and relaxed environment. We know that employees who work in office environments with greenery are more productive and creative, so we create this concept. The colour green is known to spark creativity and stimulate the mind. Our team try to provide workers with relaxing and pleasant surroundings, inspire a fresh enthusiasm into the culture and give the opportunity to take a break.

Office design is about creating a space that facilitates productive and purposeful work while leaving room for creativity, customization, and personalization. To keep up with the speed of modern development, more and more companies today are tapping the expertise of designers to develop bespoke offices that foster productivity, innovation, and creativity, such as this project. Also, we know that design is taking care of people. Every workplace has particular needs, and a truly creative office employs a design that is inspired by its employees while helping to keep them inspired. With the right design, you’ll tend to people’s needs and help your team thrive.

In order to meet employees’ need for collaboration and brainstorming spaces, our team envisioned this creative space. An office must be functional for the employees’ and company’s needs but also cost-effective and efficient. An office interior must be designed in a way to keep employees happy, healthy and comfortable without being too distracting. For this project, open office areas are suitable for highly collaborative work activities, such as activities where people may need to ask frequent questions of one another.


PT. Awan Integrasi Sandidata

On going 2020

Interior Design

312 m2

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