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From an exotic place where few people wouldn’t love to escape to, Balinese style is unique. The overall impression of this restaurant is to bring to life the visual portrayal of Bali. By combining the touch of Bali nuance and modern elements, this restaurant presents the modern dining experience. It also brings out the iconic Bali settings vividly through the usage of decorative lamps, accessories, and Balinese wall decoration.

The choice of decoration idea became the central theme of the interior design approach including the choices of materials used for furniture and other elements in the restaurant. The choices of materials in this restaurant include natural elements that are associated with the origin of Bali cuisine served in this restaurant.

Balinese style never feels too busy, and always feel otherworldly even as such delight is taken in mosaic ideas and pieces all designed together. Also, this has become an interesting idea to create as the restaurant is inside a shopping mall. The dinners will feel the presence of Bali’s. Our team created around a simple concept that is to provide an exceptional dining experience within a unique setting.

Trans Studio Mall Cibubur

Size :
200 m2

Interior Design

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