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This space is most often that crucial living space of the office where the employees and guests walk by but don't end up spending a lot of time. Therefore, our team pay attention to detail and create intricate interior solutions for this space to the office. This area is considered the most overlooked space while designing luxurious office and created by our team not only increases the value of your office but also make it comfortable living space.

An office shouldn’t just be a place to work. It should be a place to create, stimulate, and think. It should be where you achieve the best results. Through this project, our team design workspace that help them achieve more. When designing, we don’t just handle the design, we take great pride in bringing their concept to life. Their employee work in different ways and you can invest in comfortable, stimulating, and appealing office furniture to impoving their performance in the workplace. Together with us, you can create a space that suit your style.

Productive meetings need to held in a productive environment. In this project, our team bring the best out of their space in order for that space to bring out the best in them. The space needs to be comfortable yet project the company's image. A comfortable seating and proper lighting are all considerations that workplace resource can provide. Our team makes meeting flow by incorporating technology and projection option that allow individuals to shre their device desktops with click a button and makes it possible to create a collaborative areas in the office.

Sugar Company

Kebayoran Lama

Area Size
4000 m2

Architectural & Interior Design

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