Comfortable Office For More Creativity

posted on June 10, 2019

Comfortable Office For More Creativity

Office interior design is vital for employees who spend a big portion of their day in an office. To create a functional space, visually appealing, comfortable, and inviting office interior design is crucial because they all can promote employees’ productivity and efficiency. Since interior design can affect people’s moods, it is important to be taken care of. That is also why Akara Office, which is located at Talavera Office Park, chose to work together with Highstreet.

Having lots of experience designing the office design in Jakarta and its surroundings, Highstreet is worth the trust of the Akara Office. Highstreet understands that building conducive space for owners and employees is no longer being considered a luxury but has become a necessity. Therefore, Highstreet made quite many adjustments to meet Akara Office’s need. From coloring to material choosing, everything is evaluated thoroughly to bring the best outcome. 

Akara Corpora Indonesia was officially established in 2018. The company has a desire to become a corporation that is strong, synergetic, trustworthy, and able to contribute to the Indonesian economy. Akara Corpora also has the vision to become a global conglomerate company and synergize in several industries that can contribute and positive value to Indonesia. To embody their desire and vision, they start with building the best office to boost their productivity.

Built-in 2019, High Street created a modern and clean office design for Akara Office. The modern and clean office design made the office which is sized at 489 square meters looking more spacious and comfortable. To create a modern and clean design, Highstreet used a winning combination of white coloring and wood material. This neutral and serene pairing made Highstreet’s aim to create an open plan workspace area turned out well and satisfying.

As office design trends have evolved enormously over the past few years, old office designs that didn’t essentially encourage creativity is no longer the norm. A full-time employee spends around eight hours a day at work, and it should be a space that offers them an enjoyable and cultivating experience instead of burning them out. Modern office design trends are gradually taking over, and they’re helping keep employees pleased, energized, and more creative than ever.

Highstreet is being considerate by designing the office space layout to be ready for future space expansion to office space next door. Their consideration doesn’t stop there, as they’re also designing with consideration of using some materials from existing office space for cost efficiency. It always has been Highstreet’s core value to minimize environmental impact by reuse materials that already exist, and it is fortunately applicable for Akara Office.

Moreover, to create great lobby design to facilitate productivity and creativity, Highstreet is inspired by the fast-moving network and data transfer to design the office’s lobby ceiling enhanced with the mirror. Highstreet knows very well that the lobby should present a good brand image that leaves a positive impression. Today, the lobby is more than just a waiting area for visitors, but it also functions as a touchdown spot for mobile workers.

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