4 Office Interior Design Trends of A Post-COVID You Should Try

posted on July 28, 2020

4 Office Interior Design Trends of A Post-COVID You Should Try

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Since COVID-19 became part of everyday topics, interior design services from several countries have worked to find out how the virus could affect the interior design industry. Many are still struggling through the economic impact of this pandemic, as well as interior design services that continue to strive for optimism and change from the interior design industry moving forward by helping you receive positive changes from the interior design side.

To understand the changes in some of the actions of the impact of COVID-19, interior design together gained a more precise understanding of what the world would be like when everyone, including you, returned to office. How did the office interior design change in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some changes that you can apply to office interior design.

New Office Concept on New Normal

With remote work becoming a new choice, many professionals from the interior design industry must make an office interior design adaptation that is easy to apply so that one important element of the design process is not lost, namely collaboration. Virtual meetings via video and various other virtual services that have brought you so far have felt comfortable meeting online. But in the end, when conditions return safe, you need to gather to collaborate. At the same time, many people will be more comfortable with the benefits of long-distance work, such as providing uninterrupted time for difficult work tasks, saving time from travel, and balancing for better work-life.

Therefore, it would not be surprising if a post-pandemic office would combine remote and personal work. To maintain the synergy of collaboration between the two groups, the office must create a network of contacts for employees who interact with each other, whether it's remote work or from the office.

Increased Individual Work Space

Beginning in 2020, many people assume if there will be no more individual booths because the need for collaboration between employees will bring office interior design to the open design concept and the hotel concept. In the world of interior design post-COVID-19, you will see a seating model that is designed to be personalized again because of several things, of course with some design modifications that allow your employees to collaborate easily.

With the concept of open office space, it will create a slight difference between personal workspace and the area of collaboration. Certainly, the concept of this plan will change after the pandemic. Social space will continue to be used as a destination for rest for your employees. However, the boundaries between personal workspace and shared space will again become more different. The workstation design will be more focused and designed more personalized with a greater focus on the comfort of your employees. Besides, the partition design will be made higher. But still, the office space will be designed more flexible to increase the productivity of your employees as important as the cleanliness of the office environment where your employees work.

Interior Design Collaboration

Collaboration space will be more noticeable than before, but you should not decide too soon. Usually, in adapting the interior design of your office, you will increase your workspace and isolate your employees in the office, but what encourages your employees to feel safe and comfortable returning to the office is so that employees can interact, collaborate, see, and talk with people other. The most correct thing is, if there are fewer people working in the office and more work from home, then the time your employees spend in the office becomes more important. In the meantime, the cubicle table will never really disappear. Besides, time at the office should be spent on collaboration with fellow employees and office interior design must adapt to this new normal change.

Simple Office Furniture Designed

People not only assume that the cubicle office space trend will disappear but also assume the 2020 trend is luxury facilities in the office. Many offices have health programs at work that offer yoga classes, and luxury office kitchens that serve drinks made to order. However, in many cases, the communal space may be replaced when you have to rethink the health protocol that must be applied to your office. Not only that, but packaged consumables will also be increasingly popular in responding to health problems in this pandemic. For offices that traditionally offer buffet food in the office, it is now easy to provide on-site box food for employees.

Knowing new changes to office interior design has started to become a trend. However, what specifically are the new trends in office interior design during this new normal period? Here are some trends for post-pandemic office interior design.

Special Work Space Created

Although some employees have to do all office work from home, the productivity of your employees will increase if assessed with the comfort of the room. For those of you who are still working from home, don't forget to set enough natural lighting, so that the office space in your home is more comfortable when you work.

Return of the Mudroom Area

Maintaining cleanliness is important and the main thing to note. You can still maintain the cleanliness of your workspace, both at home and in the office by designing additional areas for places to remove shoes, wash hands, or hang a jacket. With this area, room cleanliness is maintained.

Natural Concepts in Office Interior Design

Make the atmosphere of your workspace more relaxed by giving a natural concept to your office interior design. You can apply it by adding greenery that is placed indoors and outdoors. In addition to making your workspace healthier, the natural feel in the room can reduce your stress levels and make you still feel comfortable when working.

Use Antimicrobial Ingredients

If you want to adapt the interior design of your office, you should use natural materials that are easy to clean such as brass, copper, or bronze. You can use these antimicrobial materials for stairs, door handles, and even your work chair.

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What about the interior design of your office? Are you ready to adopt this interior design trend in your office space? Or have you applied this design idea to your home or office? For those of you who want to have a comfortable and healthy workspace, you can contact our customer service team and realize your dream workspace!

Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to realize the building of your dreams and follow our blog for updates on building design inspiration.

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