5 Office Interior Design Trends 2021 You Should Know

posted on November 20, 2020

5 Office Interior Design Trends 2021 You Should Know

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Even if you have not returned to the physical office and are still working remotely, in all likelihood, you will soon return to the workspace. Whether it is 2021 or later this year, many people are getting ready to go back to work - but the office pandemic trend looks a little different than they did in the pre-COVID world. Social distancing, face masks, and the highest level of hygiene set precedents. And trying to crowd 25 people into a small conference room for a meeting is likely over.

With that in mind, the 2021 office trend will look a little different from the trends in previous years. Concepts like open spaces, movable furniture, and comfort are the norm, while offices that mimic Apple's famous ad from 1984 are gone. Here are the latest office design concepts regarding office ideas that are trending as 2021 approaches and how to apply them to your workspace.

Open Space Office Interior Design Concept

Before anyone even heard of the coronavirus, the concept of open space was on the rise. More and more entrepreneurs in recent years have opted for the open space concept for several different reasons. The expansive look of the office instantly provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and feeling. It also actually fosters more communication between employers and employees or managers and employees because of the philosophy behind it. Because everyone works in the same space and looks variably alike, except for personal decorations, there is no feeling of being subordinate. This can help employees feel more collaborative and part of the team.

Given that we are amid a pandemic, the concept of open space also has health benefits. It is more natural light, and while that is not enough to meet your daily dose of vitamin D, it is a mood enhancer compared to gloomy office lighting that looks like it is in a basement. With open office space, desks are easily six feet from each other to meet social distancing requirements. Although the concept of open space itself will not change, individual concepts may look different in many offices. Be prepared to see things like the return of cubicles (new and improved), mobile dividers that can move with you if you need to switch workstations, privacy screens, and privacy boxes.

Future Office Interior Design Sustainability

Conscientious companies are concerned about reducing their carbon footprint in an era where we are concerned about climate change and global warming. While design with employee safety in mind remains the top trend in 2021, sustainability and environmental responsibility remain prominent in the minds of many business owners. This is reflected in many different ways. Perhaps they have chosen to use wood or natural materials to encourage sustainable design and decoration in an office environment. The business may be using renewable energy, ensuring they are using fair trade products. Or they may be worried about recycling.

There are many ways for an office to participate in sustainability or use a sustainable product, including renting furniture for the office. Approximately 12.2 tonnes of furniture and carpets were dumped in landfills in 2017. A good way to avoid buying and disposing of office furniture when it is outdated is to rent office furniture. It's the perfect way to reuse and make a sustainability effort, while keeping in mind other trends you may want to achieve, such as an open office or industrial concepts.

Interior Design Office Use Movable Furniture

Using movable and modular furniture can help employees feel more comfortable and can be part of the open space concept, depending on the design concept you have in mind for the entire workspace. Movable furniture can refer to different types of office furniture that you can take with you wherever you need to work in the office. This includes furniture such as tables and chairs on wheels, but may also include other objects, such as partitions and movable walls. This can be especially important if you need to quickly create six feet of space or if you just want to change workstations. Also use movable office decorations, which allows you to change workstations or areas so you can work where you feel comfortable or find a quiet zone if you need it. This can not only increase safety, but it is also a good idea to increase efficiency and productivity.

Designing an Office Interior for an Open Space Concept

So maybe you have an open space concept, and you like the idea, but you're not sure how to fit it into your office or what it looks like on paper. Of course, this will look very different for the type of office and industry you are in, and who approves of the design, but there are a few concepts that fit into an open space mindset. Industrial concepts work well in open spaces.

The industrial design doesn't have to feel dominant and sad; on the contrary, it can attract attention and be full of light. Think exposed materials, such as pipes or blocks, worn textures, and rusty or silver fixtures. This concept worked well in an old office where these elements existed naturally, but if your office was built recently, that doesn't mean it can't work. You can still choose industrial and open-plan concepts with large windows and alternating styles of metal and wood.

Another trend for 2021, which goes hand in hand with sustainability in design, such as natural wood and materials in design, is to bring nature. It's more than just having a fake potted plant in the corner. You may want to add a tree to the centre of the office or a plant wall installation to one of the office walls in an open space concept while using individual plants for other concepts. You don't have to choose the same type of plant or tree, and not all of them have to match, as it is in nature.

Using minimalist and modern office furniture is another trending office idea. While you want the furniture to be comfortable, a modern or minimalist Danish look can look neat, especially in an open office or with industrial décor. This type of furniture is also suitable for offices that have glass partitions or broken glass.

Office Interior Design Presents Home Atmosphere

Since many office workers return to the office from working at home after a long time, the transition can be a little bumpy. Many offices work on a hybrid schedule, where personnel will still work from home a day or two per week. Offering a home-like atmosphere is another trend for 2021. This trend was escalating before the pandemic, and you may have seen some corners of offices turned into coffee shops with benches and coffee tables with sofas. But taking social distancing into account, this might look a little different for 2021.

office interior design trends 2021

If you're trying to create a comfortable lounge area, focus on single seating arrangements. Comfortable furniture like bean bag chairs are a little too casual, but comfortable chairs that offer the same vibe are great too. Instead of a standard lunchroom or break room, the lounge area also allows employees to relax, put on headphones, have lunch, and “clock out” for a few moments. It can be beneficial to bring a home-like atmosphere to the office, without being too relaxed. If you have difficulty with design concepts or need ideas, furniture, and using interior design services is the right choice.

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