5 Steps to Designing an Executive Office Room

posted on July 17, 2018

5 Steps to Designing an Executive Office Room

In each company, there are various structural employment level but there is always the top management level such as:  chief, director and founder. These occupations comes with heavy responsibilities in their work and company images along with certain privacy. Therefore they will need a certain working space in order to suits their needs.  

Aside from bigger office space, executive office has a particular and individual interior design. Generally, executive office also has separate access. It can have its own access (without having to pass other work space), or it can be design by having a reception area or foyer on the front. Both of these options offer a big privacy for the executive level employee.

Other aspects to be consider in designing office space or executive office are:  

Design Concept

The first step in designing executive office is to know the personal preference of these company leader. This step is essential to determine the design concept with the perfect atmosphere. It will allow us to create an executive office that reflects the personality of the leader and the company in addition to an ideal working space needed.  


Executive office usually is more than an individual working space. It also has various functions. It can be functioning as small meeting room (1 – 4 people), a corner filled with assorted electronic equipment or even a corner to relax and take a break. These are the factors that lead to the concept of bigger working space for executive level, compares with other level of employment.   

Layout & Furniture

Executive office needs multiple supporting furniture beside ergonomic chair and suitable desk for their main activity in the office. They will need sofa, table and chairs for small meeting, bookshelves and special files storage. A specialized shelves can also be provided to put personal items. All of this furniture must meet an ideal layout to encourage the work of an executive. The layout must provide good circulation, creating a spacious atmosphere supported by the perfect lighting.   

Room Atmosphere

Private and Professional, those are the main keywords to create an executive office. Interior of executive office must reflect the image of the company and simultaneously feels personalized by the executive level who inhabited this working space. If the company has a formal image, we need to create a calm and homey design.  On the contrary, if the company has dynamic and artistic image, we need to create a lively interior design.

Matching Material

Even though that an executive office has limited access, we need to create a harmonious design with its surrounding, the office interior as a unity. This consideration leads us in finding the suitable material. It is best to use similar material, color and treatment with other working space.  Certainly we can combine it with more elegant material which creates exclusivity in the executive office. We can use, for instance, parquet wooden floor, marble tiles, top table granite and also valuable artwork.

High Street can assist you to accomplish an elegant design of your executive office. We can help you to design an efficient concept. Our interior and design consultant had created and built hundreds of design projects in interior and architecture, nationally and internationally. Do not hesitate to contact us and turn your vision and dream design into reality with High Street Studio.

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