8 Safe Partitions that Gives Social Distant and Artful

posted on July 23, 2020

8 Safe Partitions that Gives Social Distant and Artful

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The type of office that is often chosen for work is coworking space. This type of office is a place where many people from various communities to companies gather in the same place to work. Is coworking space the ideal choice of your office? The existence of this place is caused by the emergence of expensive office building problems. Typically, coworking space employees are from startup companies and freelancers. To be able to distinguish each room from other companies, every company and freelancer limits the room by using partitions. Often, glass partitions are a favourite choice for office room dividers that have a modern look.

Even now, you can find lots of coworking space that has sprung up. Generally, also, office design that has a coworking space type has an interior design that is different from the design of office buildings where the office tables and chairs are made one in a large room. If you choose a glass partition, this can be one element that can support the interior design of your coworking space. The existence of glass partitions makes coworking space increasingly apparent, although some rooms are designed specifically for discussion purposes. Not only that, but you can also still feel the impression of collaboration between rooms even though the room is separated by a glass or mirror partition. What is the glass partition for coworking space type office? Here are some partitions that you can make references to your coworking space.

Colourful Glass Partition Interior Design

For those of you who don't like transparent office glass partitions, you can choose colourful partitions. Office design that has a colourful glass partition can still make your employees productive. For the discussion room, you can install a glass sticker with a colourful curved style that can close a transparent partition to be separated from this open space coworking space.

The office interior design which is equipped with colourful glass partitions will enhance the spirit of the spirit in your open space coworking space. Moreover, the partitions have colourful curved design concepts, this can be a substitute for partitions that use ice glass stickers which are widely used to protect the privacy of those who work in the room.

Interior Design of Office Glass Partition with Sticker

Coworking space design has a lot of space that can be rented for meetings or just a casual discussion with other employees. To distinguish the function of each room, you can use glass stickers with functions to show the purpose of the room. That way, the glass partition for your office interior design looks more elegant because you can design your font style.

These writings not only symbolize functions, but partitions with writing models can also be given a number sticker that symbolizes the number of each room in your coworking space. That way, it will be easier for you when you are in coworking space, you can also record which rooms are empty or used so that you can enter the correct room. In addition to the function of the office, an interior design which is equipped with a glass partition will facilitate you in finding a room. The choice of creative writing style can trigger workers to continue to improve the performance of your company.

In addition to partitioning can make your office interior design attractive, the presence of partitions is also very necessary in this period. Pandemic presents a series of challenges for interior designers, one of which is for office interiors. However, this partition not only provides protection, but there also is a unique artistic approach and can display a series of screens and panels that can be adjusted and offer bacterial resistant benefits. The existence of this partition allows interior designers to limit space and create protective barriers that are compatible with social distance efforts and do not eliminate the interior aesthetics of your office design.

Office Design with Rainbow Mood Partitions

office partition interior design

Rainbow Mood-themed partitions can create new designs and define spaces by combining the atmosphere of a typical plantation with green accents in the design of the partitions. Not only that, for those of you who have a natural-themed office design, but you can also use the Rainbow Mood-themed partition.

Aquarelle Bloom Partition Complete Office Design

One of the other partitions to choose from is the aquarelle bloom-themed partition. The Aquarelle bloom partition design has a digital vinyl printed texture on corrugated panels and is framed with metal. The existence of these partitions that complement the interior design of your office, will certainly add to the aesthetic impression of your office.

Office Design with Plantation Accent Partition

office partition interior design

Partitions designed using plantation accented partitions can be adjusted for height and focus on illustration designs that can enhance a pleasant and calm mood for your employees. This partition is also designed to be slightly foggy to allow light to filter through the entire space and is ideal for the interior design of your office.

Office Design with Clear Cut Style Partitions

Using this type of partition in your office interior design will provide a chic protection barrier. Clear cut model partition is also very suitable for the interior design of your office. If you choose a clear cut partition, your employees will still feel safe in the office, especially if you apply it at the reception desk.

Fragmented Love Theme Partition Complete Office Design

Fragmented love parties that have a wood base, metal rods, and acrylic colour pieces that can be printed digitally will define space in a very beautiful way. Your employees will be amazed by the fragmented love model partition. A sculptured hybrid of this partition will add an interesting impression to your office interior design.

Clementine Partitions for Office Design

Clementine partitions are designed using Ezoboard which is bacterial and durable. The partition also has a durable nature and can reduce noise levels and interactions in the workplace. The right choice to complete your office interior design.

Office Design with Pillar Model Partition

Pillar model partition will create the impression of a labyrinth with an elegant sculpture. An office with a green design style is suitable for pillar type partitions. The interior design of your office is more complete with this model partition.

How about your office? Does your office interior design support social distance according to health protocol standards? If you feel confused to change the interior design of the office, you can work with us. We will help you create a safe and healthy office interior designs.

Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to realize the building of your dreams and follow our blog for updates on building design inspiration.

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