Don't Miss This, Here Are 8 Smart Office Design Ideas with Technology

posted on April 23, 2021

Don't Miss This, Here Are 8 Smart Office Design Ideas with Technology


Today, the workplace is not just a place to meet the needs of employees and achieve the goals of a company. Along the way, an office has begun to transition into the smart office era.

Modern offices have recently begun to move along with the development of existing technology. Some modern offices have started to apply this concept to their office interior design. For example, there are open spaces, green plants, natural lighting, and the latest types of furniture used in offices.

The existence of a modern office in a physical work environment does not necessarily make an office a smart office.


What is a Smart Office?

Although along the way there have been many offices that can be called smart offices, there are also some that have not touched this realm at all. By definition, a smart office is an ordinary office that uses a high-tech hybrid capable of meeting human needs — in this case, employees — in an office.

These technology tools are designed to increase the overall office space by using the best management tools, enabling employees to work smarter, more effectively, and efficiently. Offices that are synergized with technological advances will certainly change the concept of employee experience of a workplace by producing creative work productivity.

According to the latest research report on smart offices, there is rapid development in the smart office sector today. By 2025, its global market size can be projected to reach USD 57.05 billion. It is also expected to yield 13.2% CAGR over the projected time frame (from 2017 to 2025.)


In practice, of course, a smart office needs elements that can help an office be called smart, including in terms of its interior design.


1. Smart Desks and Conference Rooms Support the Work

A smart desk can provide easier access and better welfare and productivity for your employees. This kind of furniture design also allows you and your employees to get a good sitting position and avoid back pain while working.

Smart desks are considered to have features that are capable enough to be able to contact all employees, even those in the back of the building. This convenience is aligned with the privacy mode that the employee can change. However, you as an office owner will at least still have easy access to contact your employees.

Not much different from a smart conference room, in a pandemic like now, this kind of space is part of a profitable office interior design. Because this space is made for virtual meetings quite comfortably.


2. Video Monitoring for Safety Office

In general, this kind of video monitor is used to prevent internal theft or for other security purposes. There are quite a several smart offices that use CCTV camera technology to monitor all of their office buildings. By placing it in certain places, video monitoring or CCTV helps to analyze office use with various features, such as viewing angles, light, and maximum zoom features.

For the screen feature itself, of course, you know that this tool can help to monitor different locations at one time via a computer or smartphone. The resulting data can be stored in the office data storage feature and can be downloaded when needed.


3. Intelligent Temperature and Lighting Control Device

This smart technology will complement your office interior design. Not only is it visually complementary, but also has a pretty good function for regulating room temperature. Several companies are already using smart thermostats that can be adjusted via a web browser or a mobile app.

In terms of lighting, you can use a tool that functions to adjust the controls on office windows, doors, and lights with just one tap on the screen.


4. Indoor Maps

The indoor map functions like a map that functions as a guide in an office building. Employees or visitors can use this map to show office floor navigation. The goal is of course to make it easier to find your way with your smartphone or visitors.


5. Desk with Storage

A solution that is also commonly used in smart office interior design is a desk that is integrated with a storage system that allows for multiple uses from a single desktop. There is a set of detachable trays, pen holders, and socket plugs. When they are not in use, they can be removed and stored in the nearest mobile storage rack designed for that purpose. This tool allows the table to be used for group activities without cluttering it up.


6. Office Kitchens Also Need To Be Designed To Be Fun

There is certainly nothing wrong with decorating an office kitchen. There are many ideas and decisions that result are made during breaks in the kitchen area of ​​the office. The relaxed atmosphere that surrounds the kitchen can create creative ideas for employees. So you need to include this as a list of interior designs for smart offices.


7. Invest in quality furniture

Since your employees spend most of their time in the office, it's a good idea to provide them with comfortable furniture. You can buy ergonomic chairs so that each of your employees can maintain their healthy posture. Preventing back pain will also allow your employees to avoid stress and stay productive.

Another thing to consider is getting height-adjustable desks for your employees. This will allow them to work in a standing position and reduce the likelihood of even more back pain. Don't forget about comfortable sofas and chairs for your hall because you want your clients to stay comfortable while they wait.


8. Making Interior Design For Rest Areas

From one study, some results show that getting enough rest can help employees stay focused and make fewer mistakes. You can provide free space to put some game equipment so that your employees can rest and have fun by relaxing their minds for a moment. Some companies also even provide ping pong tables to encourage fun and socializing during breaks.


Creating a smart office interior design is also related to the technology applied so that an office can be called smart. You can do an initial analysis before deciding on the design of your workspace. There is no one general recipe that you can patiently follow because every organization has its policies and standards. Therefore, you can first consult an interior design service so that your planning to create a smart office can be realized precisely.



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