Elegant Interior Design On Aqva Restaurant

posted on December 3, 2019

Elegant Interior Design On Aqva Restaurant

Food is not the only determining factors that create an enjoyable culinary experience. The ambiance of a dining place also plays an important role. Aqva Restaurant in Astara Hotel Balikpapan understands this so well. Not only do they serve a variety of Indonesian, Asian, and international foods, but Aqva Restaurant also provides an elegant ambiance in their dining place, yet somehow it still feels very comfortable.

Located at the rooftop of Pentacity Shopping Mall, Aqva Restaurant offers a magnificent view. People can enjoy the breathtaking sight overlooking a waterpark and the Balikpapan city view while eating their meals. Aqva Restaurant even has an outdoor dining area that is located next to the swimming pool, which creates a poolside dining ambiance.

This appealing ambiance is also supported by cozy interior design. With the theme of “Tiffany Blue”, this restaurant—which was established in 2017—works together with interior design company Highstreet to bring that concept into reality.

Standing on the 250 meters area, Aqva Restaurant wants to accentuate the elegant and luxurious vibe. In order to do so, the double height ceiling was installed. However, Aqva Restaurant still keeps the warm nuance by using materials of plywood and solid wood in several areas. Additionally, to add a dimension to the overall look of the restaurant, the material of the graphic fabric is implemented, too. This installment can be seen from the patterned blinds and various accents on the walls.

Meanwhile, if people take a look at the center of the room, they will see a minimalist chandelier that adds a more luxurious vibe to the restaurant. And in order to make sure all customers are comfortable during their dining in Aqva Restaurant, interior designer Highstreet places minimalist sofas in each table. These sofas come in a variety of colors such as blue, yellow, and black to make the restaurant interior design look even more stand out.

What’s more interesting is that most of the walls in the Aqva Restaurant are made of glass. Not only to provide natural lighting, but it also allows customers to enjoy Balikpapan city view while having a dine-in. In addition, the installment of a glass wall also adds more spacious vibe that Aqva Restaurant wants to highlight since the beginning.

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