How Much Does Interior Design Cost? This Is The Variation Cost

posted on February 20, 2020

How Much Does Interior Design Cost? This Is The Variation Cost

In creating office space, public space, or your house’s dream in accordance with the expectations of their owners' expectations, the presence of the interior design is needed, so that the owner will decide to use the services of interior design. But, what the benefits of working with interior design services? Through the interior design services, they will help you design the whole room seemed in the house as the family room, living room, room, bathroom, or living room.

Not only that, the interior design services will choose an appropriate wall paint colors, determine proper lighting, the selection of floor and ceiling, to the arrangement of furniture. But, there are some obstacles that you pikirikan when they want to decide to use the services of interior design. One of them, you'll wonder how much it costs for the interior design of the house? What about the price of the apartment interior design? What is the price of using the services of interior design?

All The Services Interior Design is Different

When you use the services of interior design, the cost is not exactly expensive. This is because the interior design services in charge of making the right concept, from the beginning until the image is in accordance with your wishes. Obviously, homes with interior design services look better by having a high value as well. And build a house according to your expectations do not become easy and inexpensive. Moreover, the more complicated the design of your dream, the costs incurred by homeowners to be quite costly. Simply put, when you want to make the logo design should cost, as well as interior design services. And it turns out, every interior design services have different costs in terms of resource and designers are also consumers.

Not an unusual things, when the interior design services give a high price. They are not native to fix prices, they certainly proved own experience is quite old and already an expert in the field. Services of a professional interior designer can create art at every corner between the colors, materials and furnishings make the interior of your dream becomes more special. In addition, the greater your residential space as well as the more aesthetic you might expect, the high experience of interior design services are increasingly required. Unlike the minimalist house or apartment that is quite easy to set the arrangement of furniture and colors that want to be integrated in the room.

Once you know the cost of interior design services vary, some are classified within your budget or not. Your question about the cost of using the services of interior design is determined by various factors. For example complexity of the design, roomy space, material and furniture chosen space, certifications owned by interior design services, type of space that want to design what type of basic, minimalist, classic or industrial, juaga several other factors. To know more how much money you will spend if you want to use the services of interior design, you must first understand the things that can influence the usual high and low interior design services. Here are some things to pricing interior design services.

Materials and Furniture Lounge

Determining the cost of residential interior design houses and apartments not far from the composition to be used in a room and the arrangement of furniture, the desired furniture placed in it. As you already know what raw materials are needed in the interior design of the house, then you will be easy to sort out the most appropriate model for the interior design of your home. Want to know the raw material or any material that is commonly used in home interior design? Consider the following explanation.


When considering how much the interior design, Plywood raw materials into appropriate recommendations. Viewed from the side the price is still reachable and also in terms of quality, known Plywood is guaranteed to have superior quality. Plywood is a composite material of thin sheets of wood glued to each other using a special glue and preparation was done by using a high-pressure press. The use of a highly ensure the effectiveness of the process, especially with a more affordable price compared to other materials. In a particular application, Plywood appropriate in cross-section with a broad measure for their solid wood that will be at risk of changes in shape that its water content can not be eliminated completely.


Unlike the Plywood, Veneer raw material derived from larger chunks of wood sliced. Regarding the price to get the element wood veneer, you do not need to pay expensive. For the quality, as well as other materials, Veneer also has quality materials, that is:

1. Sungkai Wood

Texture owned by Sungkai wood texture is rough and a distinctive characteristics of Sungkai. In addition, Sungkai also have wood fibers straight and sometimes bumpy.

2. Mindi Wood

Not the same as Sungkai wood, soft textured Mindi wood and fiber from Mindi wood itself resembles a straight line. Characteristic that has made Mindi wood an alternative to coat furniture, furniture that you have.

3. Oak Wood

For more colored oak bright and clean and has a finer wood fiber material makes this one being the selection of veneer. The use of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) generally for finishing the furniture, the furniture used in interior design. Lamination techniques with synthetic materials which are known to have high pressure works both as a cover for the built-in furniture surfaces such as kitchen sets. This material has characteristics that are environmentally friendly and very easy to clean.

4. Teak wood

All types of wood have differences, as well as teak wood has a typical textured complicated but beautiful, so that makes teakwood be the first choice for furniture upholstery. You must have been familiar with a wooden model of this one, right?

Not only wood used as raw materials alone, another raw material used is iron. When you use the raw materials of iron, see your occupancy room will look masculine and elegant impression. Ferrous raw materials also has its kind, here are some of them.

1. Stainless Steel

There are also residential uses stainless steel iron material in furniture-furniture display space. Metal type is known for being able to withstand the rubber. Did you like this kind of raw material of stainless steel? But do not let the material type stainless steel dominates the look of the house. You definitely will eventually get bored.

2. Hollow Metal

Material of hollow metal using an iron with an empty cavities on the inside. By utilizing these spaces, making the furniture to be lighter weight than when using other materials.

3. Solid Metal

Elections in the use of solid metal is very appropriate because this raw material is a solid iron that requires a solid and strong aspects. You can make a solid metal become the top choice because of its primary function.

The Type of Usage Fees Room Design Interior Design Services

In addition to raw materials such as wood and iron, the type of design space owned by you also can affect the pricing that you will spend to realize the interior design as per your expectations. If you do not know what the type often used in Indonesia, consider the multiple references to the types of interior design at the bottom.

1. Interior Design with Classical Type

The hallmark of the classical type of application in interior design lies in such a building that uses a lot of ornaments, pillar and accessories which used to be known in the days of the Roman and Greek classification. Although built like a classic era, grand impression will not disappear from this house type. Usually the function of the building of the classical type will be smaller than the size of the building. The room layout of this type is different from others because it will be made separately and colors such as gold, yellow, sky blue, beige, neutral colors are also often used.

2. Minimalist Interior Design Type

Very maximized aesthetics in the application of the type of minimalist interior design in order to be able to create a simplicity. At first, the minimalist interior design is used for the efficient use of raw materials. It is seen as to build a house or room does require cost is not cheap.

Although simple, unique minimalist interior design is now becoming a trend. Many people like Skandinavian style is dominated by wooden furniture, white, and accents of glass used in large quantities at home.

3. Industrial Style for Interior Design

If you are interested in choosing the interior design of industrial type, you will be impressed with raw or semi-finished designs that serve as the hallmark of this design. The application of the concept of semi-finished in this design, such as walls made of cement and shades are applied is still primitive. However, you need not worry because the impression of the interior design of industrial type it will lure visitors to your home. Also characteristic of the furniture used for this type of design has its own texture and looks original and make the presence of furniture in a room will be very strong.

4. Interior Design Basic Types

Unlike other types of interior design has its own characteristics, to see the interior design of basic types just do not have certain characteristics. But basically, the concept of basic type is the same as any other interior design that is used in a general house. Despite being the type that does not highlight many elements, the interior design is very important element basic type of functionality in a room. Not only that, the arrangement of each furniture is a function for you later.

You already know, what are the factors that can affect the budget which will you spend? Now, it's time you know how much it costs interior design services. In general, the cost of any interior design services vary, but here are rates that are often applied in interior design. Take a good look before you decide to use the services of interior design.

1. Establishing Interior Design Services Based Cost Percentage

If you are using a calculation based on a percentage, costing interior design services performed by calculating a percentage of total production costs or called budget design. Generally, interior design services membelakukan calculation of rates of less than 10%. These calculations start from the range of 3% to 7% of the value of projects to be carried out. You still remember, the bigger the budget the design of an interior design services or the more land you have, the calculation of the percentage would be even smaller. Simply say you want to design a house with a total budget of Rp 2 billion, interior design services incurred by 3%. But if you want the design budget is only about USD 600 million, the cost of interior design services in the calculation can be about 5%.

2. Interior Design Services Pricing for Square Meter

Calculations using the services of interior design can be determined based on per square meter of the area of ​​the room that you have. For per square meter, the price charged for their services starting from the price of about $ 250,000. Determination of cost per square meter as it was no different every interior design services, some of them start with the price of Rp 350,000. Relax, the price is not a price that has been fixed, but only the estimated price to be able to estimate how the needs of a suitable budget. More than a determination based on land area, certification or experience possessed by an own interior design services that can help determine.

3. Based Interior Design Services Images Each View

For calculations using this method, it usually costs interior design services calculated based on the finished image or a corner of a room. Interior design services fees will be more expensive if more complex design your request. Cost by interior design services visits per viewnya starts from Rp 750,000.

It can not be considered the origin, development projects an interior of the house or other buildings, the cost factor is very decisive. However, if you want a nice interior design but at a price not too high, much less is your limit budget spending, there is an appropriate solution. You can use a style of interior design with minimalist type. Simple but interesting nonetheless be an option. This one design mode does not require a lot of ornaments and decorations. The advantage, raw materials will you use is not too much and certainly does not charge the work done by interior design services.

Important to keep in mind, is neither cheap nor expensive to interior design services are determined by agreement between you as a client and interior design services itself. You do not hesitate to inquire with details about the home interior design service costs on a per unit.

But do not easily believe the low cost offered interior design services, not necessarily because low prices can be comparable with the results of design quality. Obviously, when you use the services of interior design, you want the best results. Quality interior room can create a sense of comfort. As interior design services, Highstreet can be your choice to realize occupancy with outstanding interior design and create a space to be comfortable. Highstreet proven to provide a good quality in every interior design project that we have done. It is time for you to be comfortable residence for each family member. Contact us to consult on the appropriate interior design and how to use our services.

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