Interior Consultant: These Color Paint Ideas Can Boost Work Productivity

posted on April 16, 2021

Interior Consultant: These Color Paint Ideas Can Boost Work Productivity



A comfortable office atmosphere can increase the work productivity of employees. Adequate office interior design planning, from the function of space, the use of colors, the selection of furniture, to the separation of the workspace allows you to work calmly while in the office.

The main thing that is also a focus and important to note is the use of color schemes in office interiors. Color affects the level of focus and productivity of a person's work, especially when you work in an office. What color choices should you choose for office interior design?


Color is Subjective

You need to note that colors can be subjective, colors that might make someone feel cheerful, may not apply to other people. This depends on the experiences and cultural differences of a person.

Color is not considered completely universal and can differ from the point of view of each country. Color and emotion are closely related, so you need to think about it before you decide on a color.

Interior consultants provide solutions for you in choosing wall paint colors or work areas that can help you increase the level of focus and productivity of your daily work.


Yellow Color To Boost Creativity

Innovation and creativity are certainly needed by a company engaged in all fields, especially advertising. Creativity cannot be obtained just like that, there is a long process required by workers to create ideas. Bringing out creativity is not only a matter of quantity but also of the best quality you have to provide.

Thinking out of the box can be stimulated by anything, one of which is by relying on the use of paint colors in your office interior design. Following the advice of an interior consultant, yellow is considered to stimulate creativity at work.

By applying yellow paint to your office interior, creative ideas will emerge smoothly.


Blue Color To Boost Productivity

The use of blue in office interior design is a color that is also recommended by interior consultants. Apart from displaying calm, blue is also known to be good for increasing productivity and helping employees focus on the work at hand.

In the scope of work, blue can also affect the level of communication, efficiency, and trust. Like the phrase “feeling blue” which means sadness, blue is often connoted as a color that shows sadness, but its use in office interiors can encourage you to come up with new ideas.

The blue color is considered effective for creating communication in an office. You can try to apply blue color to your office interior so that productivity and communication can be well established.


Green For Mental Balance

Choosing a green color in your office interior can have a mental balance effect. Working five days a week has the potential to make you stressed and mentally exhausted. By using green, you can improve your mental health at the same time, because green is believed to provide calm.

Not only does it create a calm atmosphere, but the green color also adds excitement to your office space. The more green elements will bring good harmony for the health of employees in your office. Besides, you can also add natural ornaments for simple decorations to make your office atmosphere more comfortable.

Some of the green colors you can use are emerald green which brings balance and harmony; green colors spark competition in good terms. In addition to improving mental balance, green also reduces fatigue in your eyes, which every day struggles in front of the computer and documents.


Red Color To Create Motivation

Although red is often avoided because it is considered too flashy, there is nothing wrong with using red in your office interior design. The color red can increase motivation in the work environment and create a more dynamic atmosphere. A little red splash or decor in your office can help you be more productive too. Red can stimulate attention and detail to the task at hand.


Orange Color To Increase Happiness

Even in a work atmosphere, you need to feel happy so that everything you do doesn't become a burden and you can enjoy it. Another color from an interior consultant's advice is orange. You can use orange for the workspace, it doesn't need to be complete, it can be just a motif or pair with other colors.

Orange color can have a happy effect on you and your employees in the office. Feelings of happiness can help create creative ideas for your work. The orange color also offers flexibility, so that the atmosphere of your office feels less clunky.


Brown Color For Stability

Choosing a brown color in an office interior is one of the most frequently used choices for office interior design. The warm shades offered in brown can provide stability to your office atmosphere. Besides that, brown is also a color that can easily be combined with other colors.

The brown color comes from the wood colors or the color of the furniture used. However, you can also apply a brown color to the wall color in your workspace. Because the brown color can have a positive influence.


Interior Consultants: Advice: Use Smart Colors

Choosing a color in an office space requires a lot of consideration. The application of color should not be too excessive because it will hurt the work productivity of employees. You need to try to combine contrasts accordingly so that a warm and cool atmosphere can blend in all areas of the office.

The colors in the office area can be adjusted based on their function, this is also related to the emotions of the workers which can change along with the atmosphere and workload that is carried out. For example, you can use green, pink, or coral in the resting area to give a feeling of relaxation as the area functions.

The color scheme in the office must consider other supporting factors, such as light and the amount of space in your office. To make it all possible, you can consult with an interior consultant to get the right color balance and planning and interior design for your office. Because choosing a color can not be arbitrary because it involves the productivity of many people.

Besides, another consideration that you should pay attention to is to adjust the interior design concept of your office.



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