Interior Designers: The Future of Restaurant Design

posted on June 4, 2020

Interior Designers: The Future of Restaurant Design

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While lockdowns in some countries will end soon, restaurants will slowly reopen and try to re-offer a variety of menus with places that make customers feel comfortable and safe while in your restaurant. However, there are still concerns about the need to maintain social distance between customers and restaurant staff. To overcome these concerns, interior designers look for solutions by designing various interior design concepts that can adapt to changes in people's lifestyles. There is a change because the interior design of a restaurant is very influential. Not only is it unique in terms of design, the more a restaurant can make its visitors feel safe and comfortable, it certainly makes visitors feel at home in the restaurant. With changes in restaurant interior design, the customer will return to feel comfortable enjoying his time in the restaurant. Like what changes in interior design to deal with new normal situations? Here below are some references that you can make inspiration for your restaurant's interior design, let alone areas that have an impact on the layout of your favourite dining venues.

Interior Design Services Design Plex Eat Restaurant Concepts

With the start of restaurants reopening in several countries, as part of steps to reduce the tight lockdown period and revive the economic sector that experienced a decline in the pandemic. One of the steps that a restaurant can take when the place can be re-visited is to improve the interior design of your restaurant into a comfortable and safe place. One designer in Paris, Christophe Gernigon has designed the Plex Eat restaurant design concept. The concept is a lightly designed plexiglass protector that protects your restaurant customers under safe and transparent cone-shaped protectors. You can hang the protector on the restaurant ceiling. This protector is like a chandelier that surrounds everyone's upper body, so you can enjoy eating with your friends without having to worry about the spread of a pandemic. The protector can be placed following the chair around the table. With this solution allows your restaurant to optimize the function of the area that you can use to eat with your group. The Plex Eat concept is easy to disassemble and clean with or without lights on the top. Until now, the concept is still a creative solution and there is no Plex Eat model produced. However, the Plex 'Eat plexiglass protector can mask your restaurant visitors from the COVID-19 virus. As you know, the new Plex 'Eat concept is a plexiglass prototype and is easy to set, remove, clean or disinfect,

Interior Design Services Apply Cellophane to Restaurants

One of the interior design concepts designed to adapt to changes in people's lifestyles following the new normal period after the pandemic is the application of a partition called Cellophane. Your restaurant can apply the Cellophane concept designed by Alain Ducasse. Using the cellophane concept in your restaurant will protect the health of your restaurant's visitors and staff. In applying its use, Patrick Jouin proposes to use cellophane from a type of material that is usually used in flower shops. Cellophane can be used as a cover around every table in your restaurant. By using this type of material for your restaurant, cellophane can be changed regularly, so you can change it according to the proper arrangement in your restaurant. For its application, You must pay attention to the comfort of your restaurant visitors so that they still feel safe and comfortable visiting your restaurant. Cellophane can be displayed as an elliptical barrier placed in the middle of each of your restaurant tables.

Interior Design Services for Individual Greenhouses

The concept that you can apply next to adapt restaurant interior design is the concept of an individual greenhouse. One restaurant that has implemented the concept of an individual greenhouse is the Eten restaurant in Mediamatic. The restaurant has presented the concept of individual greenhouses or individual greenhouses for each table. This is the right solution, especially for those of you who already have a partner, the application of this concept will make you feel safe and comfortable. That way, you will be protected by what can make you separate from other visitors and can be seen from the outside. In addition to a safe table for diners, restaurant staff also continue to wear personal protective equipment in the form of face shields. For the food, food will be delivered by restaurant staff to the table without having to enter individual greenhouses or individual greenhouses. That way, you can keep your restaurant awake during the pandemic and when the new normal is enforced. An increase in COVID-19 transmission in open spaces makes changes to be made in the interior design of the restaurant so that the restaurant is not too risky in spreading COVID-19. In addition to restaurants, the hospitality industry is also looking for ways to customize the interior design of every space in it. As you know, applying the concept of an individual greenhouse or individual greenhouse is a way that allows your dining experience in the restaurant to change conceptually and it seems that changing the concept of a restaurant to become like that will become popular in the short term.

Interior Design Services Apply Plexi Corner

In addition to these three concepts, other concepts can apply other concepts to the interior design of your restaurant, namely Plexi corner or Plexi corner. This concept has little in common with the Plex 'Eat concept, which only protects the upper part of the body, while the Plexi corner concept protects your entire body so that you can maintain a distance between groups of individuals and other visitors.

In addition to interior design that can adapt to changing situations during new normal times, interior design in restaurants should use modern concepts that can be combined with natural concepts. Restaurants can bring green space to the interior design to add a cool and comfortable impression. To provide green space, you can apply it by placing various models of ornamental plants that are tailored to the theme of your restaurant interior, such as grasses and flowers. You can place these ornamental plants in certain corners of your restaurant. If your restaurant does not have a large area for green spaces, restaurant interior services can outsmart it by planting grass outside the restaurant, the entrance area.

Well, that's the concept of a restaurant that you can apply to adapt the interior design in your restaurant. What about the interior design of your restaurant now? If you want to adapt the interior design of your restaurant during new normal times like this, you can work with us. Just contact our customer service for more information.

Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to realize your dream building and follow our blog for updates on building inspiration.

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