Jakarta Interior Design: Designing a Multifunctional Living Room

posted on April 22, 2020

Jakarta Interior Design: Designing a Multifunctional Living Room

Do you have a limited area of occupancy? This should not be an obstacle in realizing your dream home. You can still make the house look attractive by designing it creatively, Jakarta's interior design will make your home look more attractive. You can combine several functions into one room at a time. From the several rooms in your house, the living room is a room that can be used for several other functions so that you can maximize the size of the limited area of the house. You can follow the inspiration below for home interior design to create a multifunctional living room in your house.

Jakarta Interior Design Combines a Living Room and Dining Area at Home

The interior design of the living room in your home can be combined with the dining area. The combination of two interior design of this room is very suitable to be applied to your small house or apartment. The arrangement of the location and merging of functions between the living room and dining room is very easy to make interior design. If you have limited space, you can set the sofa in a parallel or straight position. Even with the tilted position, the sofa room still looks aesthetic. The interior design of the living room in your home will not feel boring. To combine other functions, you can add a round dining table that is placed behind the sofa. Jakarta's interior design will design it precisely and give the impression of an interior design that feels sweet inside your living room. However, it is better to complete your living room, Jakarta interior design will choose furniture and furnishings with matching colours. The interior design chose the concept in order to create a balanced and attractive appearance seen by you and the guests visiting your home. Jakarta's interior design not only designs according to your wishes, but they will pay attention to the function of the room.

Jakarta's Interior Design Combines a Living Room and Play Area

If you have an active child, a special play area for your child is very necessary. Your child will feel free to play in the house, especially in the midst of the current pandemic, you and your child spend more time at home. Instead of creating a special room, Jakarta's interior design offers another solution that can save space in your home by combining a childlike area and your family gathering in the living room. Not only saves space, but you can also pay attention and look after your child. To differentiate the function of the two rooms, Jakarta's interior design places special furniture and decorations placed in your child's playroom area. Decorations that you can choose such as colourful rugs or carpets with your child's favourite character designs. That way, Jakarta's interior design will make you and your family comfortable at home during this pandemic.

Jakarta's Interior Design Combines a Living Room and Kitchen

Jakarta's interior design can apply the concept of open space in the living room in your home. The concept is very fitting for you to apply because it can give the impression of a spacious and bright room. Jakarta's interior design will make your living room multifunctional. To combine the living room with your kitchen, Jakarta's interior design will use a kitchen set that adds a warm impression in the room because the room does not use boundaries or room partitions. In addition to making you and your family feel comfortable while at home, Jakarta's interior design will design a living room with a kitchen that will make it easy for you to serve dishes at this time when your family spends more time together in the house. Do you want to apply the design style to your home? Jakarta's interior design can help you realize a multifunctional room for your needs.

Jakarta's Interior Design Combines a Living Room and a Mini Library

Do you like collecting books? You must often feel confused to choose where to put your books. With Jakarta's interior design, you don't need to feel confused anymore. Jakarta's interior design can make your room multifunctional. Jakarta's interior design can make your living room have another function as a mini library area in the living room in your home. In designing a living room combined with a mini library area, Jakarta's interior design will use a special bookshelf so that you can easily organize your book collection and will not be mixed with your other collection in the living room in your home. Besides making a multifunctional room, Jakarta's interior design can also make multifunctional furniture as well. Like the selection of bookshelves that have functioned as a TV table. Jakarta's interior design will do the right arrangement to make the design of the two rooms look good. In addition, to add to your comfort if you are in the room, Jakarta's interior design will choose an item of comfortable sofa furniture to use for you when reading your favourite book with family. A comfortable room is really needed for you in the middle of a pandemic like this because you spend more time at home. Do not wait until you feel bored with the look of your home interior design. Interior design can overcome a variety of problems regarding the design of your home and make you feel comfortable living in it.

Jakarta Interior Design Designing a Multifunctional Living Room

Another design style choice that you can make a reference for designing a living room into a multifunctional space is to combine several functions at once in the living room in your home. Jakarta's interior design will design it appropriately. You can try the living room that has an open concept and can be used for a variety of home activities, such as reading books, watching TV, eating, to cooking only by using a variety of furniture and decorations such as choosing a minimalist sofa, kitchen set arrangement, placement of wall shelves to store your book collection, also the dining table. That way, Jakarta's interior design can make your living room has many functions and can meet your needs.

Jakarta Interior Design Combines a Living Room and Work Area

For those of you who have now started working from home, you definitely want to have a special workspace to support your productivity while working. If your home area is limited, you can still make it happen with the help of Jakarta's interior design. Jakarta's interior design will combine the function of the living room with your work area. You only need to add furniture to your work table and chairs that can be placed in the corner of your living room. Jakarta interior design also ensures maximum lighting in the room. If you want the additional decoration to complement the interior design of your work area, you can add a hanging rack that is placed on your desk. 

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