Office Interior Design Trends Favorites for Millennials

posted on December 24, 2020

Office Interior Design Trends Favorites for Millennials

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While more and more millennials are working from home, and many Y gen is making their first foray into the world of freelancing, flexible office spaces, as well as home offices, are new.

As the digital generation becomes the dominant demographic of the workforce, offices need to understand millennial expectations in the work environment. It can make the difference between attracting and retaining the best talent.

Several things are very important for Millennials, and can be used as a guide for Millennial office design trends:

Combine Various Office Interior Design Concepts

Application of various workstations. One of the main differences between millennial employees and their senior colleagues is the importance they place on variety.

The workspace can be quite a stagnant space and therefore millennial employees experience these typical work dissatisfaction cycles:

• You don't like your job

• You are looking for a new one

• You go through the job application process

• It went well, you took the offer

• The job new is great, for a while

• But then again… you start hating your job and looking for a new job

… And the cycle continues.


If you want your employees to avoid looking for new jobs, change the office design in an extraordinary work environment. There are several ways to 'mix things' in an office space interior design, and doing so can transform your workspace from boring to desirable.

Consider offering a variety of workstations for employees to choose from. Having several options apart from a regular desk, such as workstations standing, comfortable chairs, and workstations shared and allowing your staff to use these freely according to their needs can make a big difference.

One study found that employees with access to workstations were standing up to 45% more productive. Millennials are very proud of themselves and of their own personal development. They want to feel respected and giving them choices about how they do their day-to-day work at the office shows that you understand this.

If you're an office on a budget, there are lots of cost-effective ways to show you care. You can notice a good work chair. You can give each to design the workspace according to their wishes.

The key to a good chair is the one that is just right for you. The chair must be ergonomic and provide an effective place, which means the chair must be shaped to maintain the natural curve of the spine. You need to be able to adjust it so that your chair is in the correct position regardless of your height or body shape.

Office Interior Design Pay Attention to Employee Comfort

Millennials not only know more about what affects well-being, but they also care more. They are some of the most common gym users; they buy and eat more healthy food; and consulted more with nutritionists than their senior colleagues.

Office space design is a fantastic opportunity to make your employees feel comfortable and provide an attractive work environment for health-conscious millennials. One of the simplest, but perhaps the most effective, decisions is to make sure your work environment includes adequate sunlight.

Natural light has a wide variety of benefits, not least helping us to focus, increasing our productivity, and also saving money on energy bills associated with heating and lighting.

However, first and foremost is the fact that the interior design of bright, sunlit office space is more attractive. If you choose an office space interior design, always choose one with lots of windows, and pay attention to the position of the workstation to ensure that no one is in the dark.

You could also consider things like offering staff free fruit and making sure there's a place to store bikes if they want to cycle to work. And if you choose a location for your office, proximity to gyms, recreation centres, or sports facilities may be more expedient.

If this is a strategy you want to implement, you can go even further; Many offices now have corporate welfare programs in place, and these types of facilities are standard offerings of larger organizations and are very attractive to millennial employees.

Open Concept Office Interior Design

The allegory of the modern office has become an old joke; Many of us are familiar with cliches like indoor slides, beanbag piles, and faux grass rugs.

One concept often associated with this self-exaggerating 'we like to do things here' mentality is the open office environment.

In principle, open space interior design is a logical evolution. Millennials have been born in an era of interconnectivity. They grew up in a world where interactions with other people are never far away - and through the digital realm, we are now permanently in touch with each other on a permanent basis.

Office interior design conceptualizing into little boxes that separate us for hours is completely at odds with the world we live in. However, even though Millennials live together, that doesn't mean you have to go too far.

Incorporating an open plan area in your office design is a simple and effective step. It creates a feeling of transparency and horizontality, it helps the workforce feel like a team, and it allows colleagues to foster positive working relationships with each other. But if all employees have access, it can actually be very disappointing.

Millenial office interior design

Sometimes, you just want to keep your head down and focus on your own work for a few hours; or a colleague might irritate you, and you need a little break from them. Ironically, choosing a fully open office can leave your millennial employees feeling 'trapped', and take away their sense of autonomy.

Including an open plan area is a great option, but make sure you also include some personal workspace that employees can use if they wish. Combining these principles with the various workstations mentioned above can result in a customizable office suited to all personalities, preferences, and situations - something that Generation Y truly values.Millennials, more than any other generation, seek fulfillment. both at work and when going home to the office that looks and feels inspiring and attractive is something that Millennials are not only looking for, but are expecting.

Whatever your industry, even just a few small steps to show that you understand and care about what Millennial staff want from their workplace can make a world of difference.

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This article is adapted from Very "Millennial" Office Design Trends

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