Protective Partition Screens for Workplace Design in New Normal Times

posted on June 11, 2020

Protective Partition Screens for Workplace Design in New Normal Times

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Is the concept of partition office design in the 20th century re-used? It might be too soon to predict with certainty, but seeing a pandemic situation like this with precautions and the steps you need to prevent the spread of COVID-19, chances are that the office partition design concept will be reused. The office is rethinking the designs that might be used to adapt to the transition or new normal. The concept of partition design can also be a central element in a redesigned workspace. Even though the partition installation will feel hot, but it can prevent transmission. The relative efficiency and affordability of the partition solution will make this design concept re-preferred by many offices who are trying to rethink your office design for the safety of your employees. Partitioning does not mean that your employees will avoid the boring atmosphere, especially for employees who have claustrophobia. But the fact is, re-implementing partitions on your office design will have the potential to increase office space during this transition or new normal.

The last few months have implemented social distance rules around the world and the spread curve of COVID-19 in several countries has begun to spread evenly, talks to reopen offices to restart a weakening economy are taking place. That way, the office still has activities in the future. Indeed in the last few months, many people have started working from home, but still, you will want your employees to return to work from the office to make it more conducive and effective. As you know, remote work remains effective for many people, the lack of direct face-to-face interaction is what employees do during a pandemic. During this time, many employees were very worried about the spread of COVID-19 in their workplaces. Knowing this, it seems that you have to adjust the workspace of your employees who adapt to the transition ii. In this article, you will find out about how the office design adjustments will look, besides how the biophilia element will be an important element that will make your office environment healthy and safe. Before you want to change the design of your office, you should know in advance the concept of biophilia that you can apply to your office design below. You can also use interior design services to change the interior design of your office for the better and be ready to face the new normal era.

Interior Design Services for Easy Breathing Space

At present, the office is struggling to deal with the aftermath of a pandemic or what is termed the new normal period. But it will bring up various questions and other encouragement from your employees, such as why should you bother going to the office to work in the desk space as usual When sophisticated technology can help work from anywhere? Now questions like that will have a greater push for you. To overcome this, what if the office can move forward with innovative designs that adapt to change. That way, you can protect the health of your employees while working from the office. You need to know, buildings have a tremendous impact on your health and security, especially during a pandemic like this, the role of space in your office becomes more important than before. For example, air filtering in office space can have an impact on a pandemic, an important factor that you must consider now to reduce the occurrence of COVID-19 transmission in the work environment.

Health's impact on bad air has become a focal point on office space. That means the boot population is well aware of the impact of what they breathe, both in terms of health and performance. Apart from the contribution of air pollution to respiratory diseases, you need to know that the presence of air pollution is associated with decreased performance. While outside air pollution is already a concern, indoor air pollution often has a greater adverse impact. Poor indoor air quality can have a negative impact on the health of your employees and can also have the same effect on the productivity of your employees at work. Focusing on air quality not only requires you to remove particles from the air but turning off these particles doesn't reach your office space. For example, carpets, curtains, and upholstery have long been known to contribute to higher levels of dust and allergens. This is because many soft furnishings and synthetic materials in your office are very important. Taking the right steps for air quality in your office space is increasingly important to note. A building can spread a variety of diseases, but if designed or designed appropriately, a building can also help you fight it. Healthy office design must be owned by you at this time of transition. Certainly, you want your employees to return to work from the office feeling safe and sound without worrying.

Interior Design Services Apply Innovative Solutions to Workspace Design

There are other alternatives for better air filtering in your office, especially in cities that have a lot of air pollution. One solution using technology for future office design is the concept of a more open window. With this concept, allowing the building to feel more refreshing. Your office can apply this idea to open workplaces. The application of this concept is not only about opening access to clean air, but also can be seen as the application of biophilic design principles. An office that is designed to follow the principles of biophilic design will have a good impact on your employees and create lower blood pressure, normal heart rate, and better performance. Given the current pandemic situation, Biophilic design can also improve the performance of the immune system. The biophilic office design has long been centred on the interior with the addition of sufficient interior planting. But interior design services are now starting to add more symbiotic nuances between nature and the office environment.

In this era, where most people have limited access to outside space, the application of biophilic designs and partitions to your office design will make your employees feel safe and healthy to return to work from the office. Are you interested in changing the design of your office? You can work with us to create an office design that is ready for this transition. You can contact our customer service on this website.

Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to realize your dream building and follow our blog for updates on building design inspiration.

This article was adapted from https://www.frameweb.com/news/covid-19-workplace-design-biophilic.

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