Respond to Coronavirus, Designing Office Lobbies for the Future

posted on September 17, 2020

Respond to Coronavirus, Designing Office Lobbies for the Future

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When you enter the front door of an office, you will immediately experience the office culture. Color, lighting, furniture, lanterns and designs. Everything will explain the who, what, and how the office is. The lobby, especially the furniture in the place will make a first impression on you. The question is, does the lobby provide an overview of the office? Does the office use the entrance area to make a meaningful impression, set the mood and send the right message to its viewers?

These questions are important because lobbying is an opportunity for your category to communicate the impression of your office. A lobby allows your office to show what it believes and what your office wants to achieve. The lobby tells a story, becomes a place for differentiation and adjustment of your employees. When the lobby is designed to be boring, when you ignore the area or type the impression that is presented doesn't match the personality of your office, this is something you miss.

But even worse, this can be a disadvantage for you. By failing to communicate vision and strength within your office through lobby design, the reception area can be a turning point for potential partners as well as for your guests. A well-designed lobby can instil a sense of pride in your office. It can also remind your employees about the office. Not only that, but an attractive office lobby design can also facilitate productivity and creativity. Increasingly, office lobbies are not just places to wait for visitors. This area becomes a space that can double as a breakout area or special spot for your employees. However, no matter what design you choose, a lobby should provide an authentic experience for both your employees and guests.

Create Attractive Office Lobby Designs

Your office lobby area is where first impressions are made, and you need to make those impressions count. Of course, the room must be designed beautifully. But that's not enough, the office lobby design must reflect the unique character of your office. Designing a waiting room is not simple, you may not need a big budget to add a little personality to the decor of your office lobby area. Developing a distinctive design style means you have to make several choices, let's say your reception area can't be designed to be calming and energizing. Another goal of this design style is that it cannot be fun and serious, or you can combine the two design concepts and increase your sense of awe. By selecting the ones you want to upgrade to the office, You will differentiate your office design from other office designs. Below, some lobby area design style ideas that you can apply to your office design.

Office Lobby Design Friendly and Comfortable

If your office wants to connect with guests personally and make them feel comfortable, you need to add some elements of comfort to your reception area. Forget about the grand design elements, and choose one that fits what might convey the atmosphere of the house. Choosing design elements doesn't mean you have to design a reception area with leather chairs. You can still keep things professional by paying attention to your office brand.

The cosy feel is perfect for offices where guests have nervousness, such as dentist and therapist offices. However, this design concept can also be very suitable for any office design with a service brand to build a close relationship with its guests. Here are a few things you can try to make your reception area more approachable and friendly.

1. Comfortable Furniture

Of course, the furniture in the reception area is a frequent sight, which is why many offices prioritize solid designs and strong stain-resistant materials for their lobby seating. However, if you have a priority on comfort, you should choose a seat that has a slightly more cushioned and upholstered design, at least for accent seating in addition to a more robust design option. Some of these pillow designs can increase the comfort level of your guests.

2. Choose Warm Design Colors

Even though your office has a minimalist design that is dominated by white space, it can be very attractive, but it can also display a cold impression. The ideal colour palette for this design style is warm colours that are not too bright. You can combine it with a softer texture to make your guests feel at home.

3. Home Design Touches

You can add accents that bring a home atmosphere such as potted plants, lights, curtains, and carpets in the reception area to add a comfortable feeling to a room design.

office lobby design

Calming Office Lobby Design

The lobby area, especially the Zen-style receptionist section, uses clean lines and the use of nature-inspired ingredients to make your guests feel centred, focused and calm. Appreciating these design concepts can be another way you can apply them to facilities that want to make your guests feel comfortable or inspire them to feel relaxed. This design can be applied by any office because a soothing space is a great way to increase focus. To design a quieter office reception area, you could try one of the following ideas.

1. Complete the Office Design with Plants

Plants have relatively easy maintenance and can be an attractive way to make an office more peaceful and even improve air quality. Especially during a pandemic, you must pay attention to the air circulation system in your office.

2. Water Features in Office Lobby Designs

Sound and water views, whether from a small fountain or a water feature mounted on your office wall will have a serious calming effect. Another option that you can adapt and be ready for maintenance is an office aquarium.

3. Office Lobby Designs Have Soothing Lighting

Offices that want to inspire serenity often stay away from bright lights and choose other furniture that can provide more ambient light. One of the styles of office lobby design, especially the reception area above, you can apply to your office design. However, if nothing reflects about your office, you can contact us as interior design services to help you increase the value of your office lobby design. It's time to change the design of the office lobby to be friendly and comfortable.

This article is adapted from 5 Ways to Style a Beautiful Reception Area.

Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to make your dream building come true and follow our blog for updates on building design inspiration.

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