Restaurant Kitchen Interior Design: How to Make it Aesthetic and Clean?

posted on April 3, 2020

Restaurant Kitchen Interior Design: How to Make it Aesthetic and Clean?

Getting to know the restaurant is never separated from the kitchen of the restaurant itself. Kitchen restaurant is not just about cooking delicious meals and serving the food to the consumer. The restaurant kitchen must also have the proper interior design so that consumers can trust with your restaurant. With the trust of your customers, it will make them comfortable, interested in being in your restaurant for longer, and it could feel the warm atmosphere of the restaurant to them without the need to worry. Interior design aspects also important for your restaurant kitchen. As you know, the kitchen becomes a vital part of the restaurant and can be regarded as an important point for your restaurant. From the kitchen of the restaurant was all delicious menu offerings restaurant you started. Therefore, you can not consider the origin of the interior design for the kitchen.

Choosing Interior Design Kitchen Restaurant

The concept of the restaurant kitchen like that allows consumers to see firsthand and details on what activities are done chef while cooking food. Besides, you also need to estimate the appropriate size for your kitchen. Do not let your kitchen area reduces the space for the staff and customers in your restaurant. There also must be considered in designing your restaurant kitchen, the great room is needed for the kitchen, the spacious room should be enough to make the chefs at the restaurant you can also move freely. The interior design of a restaurant kitchen should be kept.

Do you want your kitchen restaurant look fancy? You can implement with grooves on the interior walls and ceiling of the kitchen that can display a majestic impression. Selection of the light style is also instrumental in providing proper lighting in your restaurant kitchen space. To maintain the design style, you have to select the partition kitchen and various ornaments are most appropriate to complete it. For the interior design of the restaurant kitchen, do not forget to add fresh and bright paint. You can also add some hanging ornaments and wall hangings in your restaurant kitchen. Both are capable of making kitchen furniture restaurant you become more attractive. If you are confused furnishings such as what can be a decoration for the walls of the restaurant kitchen,

Not only keeping the interior design to your liking, but cleanliness in food preparation areas also need to be carefully guarded. You can minimize the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria in the kitchen of the restaurant by ensuring the detail hygiene and food safety in your restaurant. You know, the kitchen into an area where there is a high-intensity water consumption levels are also high oil accumulation. If not addressed, it could be your restaurant kitchen floor to be slippery until slimy over time. Sure you do not want your restaurant kitchen staff had an accident like falling. You can protect and ensure the safety of the staff in the restaurant kitchen by choosing a kitchen floor that is not easily slippery or put anti-skid mat that can be placed in strategic places in your restaurant kitchen. In these areas, you must ensure also that all the staff in the kitchen handles the entire process of food processing meets the standards of cleanliness there.

Cleanliness for Interior Design Kitchen Restaurant

Similar to creating an interior design is right for your restaurant kitchen, a clean environment should also be considered. It is a certain customer in the restaurant you will feel happy in enjoying fine dining menu is offered if the restaurant you have a clean environment. By paying attention to hygiene, especially in a situation like this, the spread of the coronavirus, cleanliness for the food and drinks are very important to be maintained so that you can minimize the risk of cross-contamination and ensure the security of your restaurant menu for consumers. The kitchen area restaurants must be the most limelight when talking about cleanliness. During food preparation, the hands will touch various surfaces in the kitchen area. At that moment the cross-contamination can result in contaminated food. To prevent that from happening, you can train the restaurant staff to know that good handwashing procedure and appropriate. For more hygienic, you can give a policy regarding the use of gloves to minimize the spread of germs that happen from hands to food being prepared in the kitchen area. For the restaurant staff who were in the kitchen area easily perform optimally wash your hands, you can provide handwashing facilities also adequate drying hands at various points in the kitchen area to minimize cross-contamination. Another simple way, you can put a hand sanitizer at the entrance to the kitchen to ensure hand hygiene can be performed optimally. 

Not Only Interior Design Kitchen Restaurant, Pay Attention to The Cooking Equipment

Ensure cookware that you have chosen to be used by the kitchen staff your restaurant has been cleaned appropriately. All cookware should be washed and removed from the sink. To clean all cooking utensils kitchens of restaurants, required three washing steps that you must do. If you have a restaurant kitchen cookware with stubborn stains are difficult to remove, you need water at high pressure so that the dirt on the cookware can be immediately lifted. In addition to cookware, leftovers are sometimes still on the plate should be accommodated in landfill place, lest there remain leftovers. If your restaurant kitchen staff finished washing dishes and cooking utensils, should be moved to the shelf to dry quickly.

When finished with the cutlery, the kitchen staff of the restaurant you have to scrape the remnants of charcoal burning in the stove, oven and grill. To scrape off all remnants of charcoal burning and roasting stuff, you can use a wire brush. The burning remnants easy to clean, you just heat the grill which finishes used to make charcoal residue on the grill a little soft and easier to be eroded. Oven also needs to be kept clean, not just grill it. To clean the oven, the kitchen staff of a restaurant you could use green scrubbing pad or sponge only given soap and water. This way you can also apply when cleaning the stove. Sometimes in the stove also contained remnants of charred food and the food scraps into charcoal.

To create the perfect interior design, restaurant kitchens also important. We designed the restaurant not only pay attention to aesthetics, but the function of each corner of the room is also very important. You can realize the interior design of the restaurant that suits your needs by cooperating with us. You can contact our customer service or visit our official website.

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