Revolution Industry and Interior Design: The Aesthetic of Retail Space is Changing

posted on August 13, 2020

Revolution Industry and Interior Design: The Aesthetic of Retail Space is Changing

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How did immersive retail space design embrace technological sophistication and automation? In the early months of the new decade, signs appeared to show hope and fear for the new age. Digital technology with new networks born in the early 21st century, especially in the early 2020s, is not new anymore, but rather a starting point for any serious assessment of the cultural and economic fields. So, as with spatial design, do you see the changes that prevailed post-industrialism that developed for 20th-century design and gave new developments to aesthetic forms of design instead.

It is increasingly being realized, the world has now begun to develop during the industrial revolution 4.0. The existence of artificial intelligence or what is commonly known as artificial intelligence / AI, robot technology, big data, and the internet of things (IoT) that makes all elements in human life can be connected easily.

Application of Technology in Retail Design

One of the developments in interior design that you can see is the Fengdong E Pang bookstore which adapts technological developments to its interior design. Designing the bookstore and library, interior designers reworked and produced retail interior designs that were luxurious and far beyond the 'nerdy' aesthetic. The design concept is a must for literary-cultural centres to keep people interested in bookstores and libraries, which are one of the goals of the E Pang bookstore design.

With technology, every interior space can highlight the advantages of computing and data. Sometimes the symbols on the screen can give you a glimpse of the complexity and scale of enormous data. The structured metal designer design aims to support the design of the display shelves and other interiors in the room as if you can feel the sophistication of technology firsthand. The use of metallic mirrors will enhance the eye's perception of distances and boundaries, illuminating the idea of what you see in the retail design is not a synthetic or digital realm.

Even if you are reminded of the vast applications of technological sophistication, you are never allowed to fully immerse yourself in this fantasy. Other designs such as an open folding tube in the form of a cooling element will further complement retail interior designs that take advantage of technological developments.

The use of synthesphere can create a structured technological sophistication. A neatly arranged group of test tubes and shaped like a cone will represent a high level of technical innovation. Strip lighting in striking retail interior designs, the clean feel of off-white, and bright yellow can create a space that can increase the attention of your retail visitors. For product arrangement, it is often tightly closed in the chamber of the tube, immersed in a foamy dark blue liquid or hung in a giant test tube. In these vessels, your retail products are machined with a smooth pressure pump and fine gas. Mechanical assemblies can accelerate the adoption of automated products, while the products you have made can be stored and replaced with products that are placed in tubes. So, your product can be guaranteed cleanliness. Installing surveillance cameras, vault doors, and PVC strip blinds will monitor access or even to regulate contamination within your retail. Especially during a pandemic like this, many people want the products they buy to be guaranteed to be clean.

Synthespher can be imagined as a sophisticated form of automated data. Your retail products have pre-generated codes and information. The concept of cryptography was used as an intangible and immaterial means of production and innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Generally, a bad, even unfriendly retail environment exists due to defending it from automated network technology. Your retail product is like having a three-stage production flow, isolate the product, remake and replicate the product.

Interior Color Combination, Retail and Technology

With cool lighting, you can choose a clean white colour with a shiny silver surface that can increase the clean impression of the room. The vivid blue and purple colour scheme can mimic the condensation and liquidation process, while the tiered exploration that can let the light in is a yellow colour that can offset the greys.

Combination of Retail Material Design and Technology

This retail design uses silky items, PVC blinds and acrylic surfaces for an overall synthetic and sterile aesthetic. Although the glass looks opaque, there is a translucent tool that is combined with metal and aluminium components. Designing this retail interior also requires machining steel, folded pipes in an open style, and a floor made of real concrete. So that you can feel an industrial feel to this retail design, interior designers can brighten it up with a matte finish.

Application of Tube Design in Retail Interiors

This spatial reference for the test tube which is shaped like a cone is combined with the bubble which has the function of displaying retail products. The store fit-out system will remind you of your wardrobe sterilization system with robotic arms that can add air automatically.

Not only in retail, but the development of interior design during the Industrial Revolution also affected millennial society. They are known as a society that is close to technology. How has the Industrial Revolution influenced the interior design style of millennial society?

The Specific Interior in Industrial Revolution 4.0

Millennial society as people who are attached to technological developments has a distinctive character that is freer to express themselves in various fields. One of them is the field of interior design. Many of the millennial society prefer interior design styles over comfort. For those of you who like the right combination of interior design, you might be surprised to find a bright red sofa placed in a room in the house. The choice of colour is considered bold because in general, sofas in many homes have neutral colours that can be adapted to the entire room. Especially in the industrial era which is closely related to technology, which has its challenges. The most felt challenges are related to the increasingly limited the area.

The Industrial Revolution was also involved in the development of interior design in various industries. Perhaps you can also take advantage of this development to design your retail interior to be more sterile from contamination by viruses during a pandemic. If you want to change the interior design of retail or other buildings, you can contact us as interior design services.

Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to realize the building of your dreams and follow our blog for updates on building design inspiration.

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