Stop Following Trends, These Office Interior Design Ideas Still Make You Comfortable

posted on February 11, 2021

Stop Following Trends, These Office Interior Design Ideas Still Make You Comfortable

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The pandemic has forced you to work differently and use technology in new ways. We have changed the way we view the workplace and better understand the need for changes to the place where we work. We live in an interconnected world and we depend on our creative abilities to drive innovation.

There has been a lot of discussion about what a workplace office design will look like in the future. This discussion often occurs in office interior design trends, then there will be general information used to support the office design concept.

Technology has advanced in recent years and has allowed you to fit individually in your life. But many are still approaching the workplace looking for standard solutions. This solution fails to recognize what is important and unique about each individual organization occupying the workplace.

Changes in Office Design

Amid a pandemic, many of us are forced to work differently. For the most part, you stay productive and adapt. But you are given the choice to work, and ultimately increase the amount of flexibility required to get your job done.

There's no turning back. Many concepts for designing office space have changed. When designing a new workplace office, the distinctive design process only touches the surface. To be effective, the workplace office needs to be adapted to each office. Standard solutions will be of little use at this point.

The feel of a Flexible Office Design

Every office has a set of office functions and structures to address. These are space applications that are critical to office performance and success, but every office needs to build a tool that supports its own goals.


There are terms like "people-focused", which is an important concept to consider. But to be successful, it requires a focus on individuals and teams. Apart from focusing on the discussion, this also raises different priorities and questions for each office. Applying a people-focused office design concept from another office to your own office will be entirely different from what the concept means.

Collaboration is another example of an infinite variety of approaches. It includes features such as integrated technology and has shifted considerably, but is rarely given the detail and attention it should. These types of shades make a big difference in comfort and performance levels.


Why Do You Have Office Space?

The immediate and far too simple, response to this question is that the office accommodates people and operations. What's missing is a clear understanding of the underlying reasons why we have office space. If you're struggling to understand, let's dive deeper and ask: why does an organization have people and operations to start with?

The answers will vary but may be specific and strategic responses to objectives. With that in mind, your office space design is now the strategic and tactical tool you have for achieving office goals and objectives. Suddenly that changes and your workspace becomes a very important environment that sustains all the functions and interactions that are required for your office to perform.

A good analogy is like a car racer and a team. The car is in the workplace. It has to be performed and designed and optimized depending on the type of race, course, conditions and competition. Today, it is as if someone shopped a car at a dealer with some standard options, straight from the showroom, then got the lowest price, and finally tried to use it to appear in the fierce competition. The same goes for your office design.


Office Design Is Not About Efficiency Anymore

Traditionally, office space size has been almost always about efficiency. Office design discussions rarely talk about creating the best workplace to achieve company goals, improve performance, or build lasting value. There are no metrics for this aspiration.

Efficiency goals are further amplified by how you get your workspace. This exchange is a cost-based comparison of options leading to the "best deal". Starting from the rental agreement, design, to the purchased furniture. Negotiating a great deal on anything is important, but it doesn't sacrifice performance to achieve your goals or objectives.

Office Design of the Future

The past year has proven that you can work from anywhere and that the workplace office is no longer just a place where you show up to work. The workplace office should provide compelling, clear, and unquestionable reasons for being there while providing specifics that you can't do anywhere else.

Now the question is how do you encourage creativity and innovation in office design?

As the vaccine is distributed and you look forward to a safe future, there are more options and possible combinations for your workplace than you have ever had in the past. If the workplace office wants to work at the highest and most valuable level, you need to answer the fundamental questions of why you need physical office space and what value it provides to your company.

Designing a workplace office solely to accommodate talent and operations is no longer an adequate response. Such thinking can become a wasteful dereliction of duty. Unfortunately, many are still caught up in this outdated way of thinking.

comfortable office design

Experts who share their opinions on designing for people often miss the point. Designing an office space to support people, provide a great experience, and create a healthy work environment are now just the bare minimums. This is just the way it needs to be, or you have wasted your money.

Think about your current workspace. What impression is offered? What message was communicated? Whether you consider it or not, you've created experiences that make people react. You have the opportunity to create an impression, inspire people, an office space that will serve as a tool to drive performance.

What do you think? Does physical office design still matter in times like these? Especially with a change in the way you work, which can work from anywhere. Or do you want to change the design of your office to adapt to this ongoing pandemic? We recommend that your office design is safe and flexible for people working from the office.

This article is adapted from The Fundamental Need For Office Space Has Nothing To Do With Trends


Interior Designer: Contact us via Highstreet to make your dream building come true and join Highstreet to become our interior design partner.

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