The Office Design Reopening Strategies

posted on July 30, 2020

The Office Design Reopening Strategies

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The last few months have encouraged people and businesses to overcome obstacles during COVID-19, accept changes, and find new ways to develop businesses in difficult times. There are new abilities acquired by people who will have an important impact on the future of work, Collaboration of employees is stronger than ever and you will find opportunities to further enhance the goals of your work environment.

Making Innovations in the Future of Office Interior Design

Without connections between employees, the long-term effect on innovations is enormous, to better understand employee connections with one another in the office area. It's a good idea, you consider the percentage of collaboration vs. independent work and the number of employees working from home vs. employees working from the office. If so, how will the work be done in the future?

You need to create office interior designs that are flexible and intuitive, allowing your employees to choose how and when employees work well. Mobility, scalability, and examination of future office interior designs will also be important factors. Adapting your office also includes a flexible approach, as an experimental space for developing your office interior design solutions. Interior design services will develop post-COVID-19 office interior design strategies with relatively easy, and affordable cost-changing design steps, by incorporating versatile elements and infrastructure that can be adapted to support COVID-19 virus prevention.

As an interior design service, its role is to provide creative interior design solutions in your workplace. Space needs to be a flexible scale, from macro to micro. Outside of a combination of a room and furniture design, Interior Design Services can design a variety of surrounding environments, such as the choice of materiality and light. To improve the experience of your employees and inspire them with new ways of thinking.

Motivate Employees Through Design

Employees need to feel safe when working in an office and you can support your employees to learn through failure. With trust, your office culture can become even tighter. Moreover, it feels inherent in the office, trust and transparency can be increased through natural aspects. You can add natural elements to the interior design of your office such as parks that are made like forests for rearrangement of office space designed to have a cave concept so that the work of your employees is more focused and calm. The interior design environment of your office has a strong impact on the emotions and behaviour of your employees, the safety and health of employees. That's very important for motivation, and uniting your employees in a common goal. Many people want to return to the office to be immersed in work and social aspects of space. This is a factor that cannot be replicated in a digital environment. Post office design interior COVID-19 will encourage you to make changes to build trust from your employees.

Offices with flexible interior design also play an important role in inertia. While inspiring spaces encourage a sense of discovery and can make days more memorable and gain new experiences for an interactive exploration into transition areas that lift public corridors.

Adaptation to the Office Atmosphere

With adaptation, what is meant is the ability and readiness in dealing with change. Therefore, your office should experience an increasingly rapid transformation, you must also continue to explore how these changes are associated with the work environment digitally, physically, and socially.

Physical Workspace Design

To allow changes to the interior design of your office you should provide a safe space that can take into account the mental and physical health of your employees. The office provides facilities that function better than a home. Especially with the presence of air quality efficiency that must be considered in your office. If you improve the design of ventilation will help you reduce the risk of transmission of the virus in your office design.

Social Collaboration in the Office

The challenge of working from home has potential which often creates communication barriers between employees. The office may allow the behaviour to be expressed repeatedly and you can find out. Besides, the office should also support inclusion and provide a platform to work with your employees to create collaboration together.

Digital Office

Effective technology is very important in your office. That way, you will get more use of technology. The existence of technology can improve performance, as well as utility. Technology that will greatly help your employees and support a more resilient environment.

Then how does COVID-19 change the future interior design of your office? Have you adapted your office to deal with this pandemic? As you already know, the plague has not only changed the design of cities in several countries, the pandemic has also changed the design trends in several industries, including offices.

Before the advent of COVID-19, the PES outbreak that began in China in 1855 not only changed the design of the pipeline to deal with the plague but also changed the interior aesthetic design of the room. The interior design of the room at that time switched to using a lot of white and applying natural lighting from sunlight.

Not only pay attention to the lighting system, but the use of the bathroom floor also began to use ceramics and white paint that will be used in every place. From the spread of the current epidemic, everyone must live in isolation from the mandirs that must be carried out to limit social interaction with others. Offices were closed, and community activities, not only in urban areas but in other parts of the country, were reduced.

office interior design

Facing the current spread of the COVID-19 virus, what impact will you have on your workspace? Does your office interior design need to adapt to make your work better?

Having a shared workspace, does your office want to put all your employees in one room? The office layout will change to a more open office interior design. Besides, the corridor in your office space will be designed to look wider. Changes occur not only in the interior design of the room but also in the selection of material for the interior design of your office. Meanwhile, the office door design will open automatically using a motion sensor and face recognition.

Are you interested in changing the interior design of your office? You can contact our customer service team and work together to realize the interior design of your dreams.

Interior Designers: Contact us via Highstreet to realize the building of your dreams and follow our blog for updates on building design inspiration.


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